Friday, January 5, 2018

The #1 ingredient to avoid.

What is the worst additive in our food?

I'm sorry to tell you this… but you probably already ate some of it today.

That's because this additive is in the vast majority of packaged food (even organic and non-GMO products) and it's practically impossible to avoid. The food industry knows that it's addicting, and that's why they add it to just about everything!

The additive I'm talking about is SUGAR (and it goes by dozens of sneaky hidden names!)

As I said in my email to you earlier this week… I feel like it is my job to help you reach your goals. If there is one ingredient that is standing in the way of you achieving your goals - THIS IS IT.

Sugar helps you pack on the pounds, destroys your skin, and messes up your mood. It makes you tired and less able to perform your best. Quite simply, you're going to have a really hard time achieving your goals if you don't get your consumption of sugar under control.

I know from personal experience… once you eliminate added sugar from your diet, your health soars. You have more energy and your skin glows. Your risk of chronic disease decreases greatly. Getting rid of this ingredient could literally save your life!

See how I can help you stop sugar cravings here.

If you've tried to quit sugar in the past with no luck, don't blame yourself. The real problem is NOT your willpower. It's the fact that sugar itself is more addictive than cocaine!

In a recent scientific study, scientists compared the addictive properties of sugar and cocaine. They put groups of rats in two different mazes. In one maze, the rats could choose to go to a room filled with sugary Oreos or a room filled with bland rice cakes. In the second maze, the rats chose between a room where they were injected with cocaine or a room where they received saline injections. Can you guess which rooms the rats chose?

As you'd expect - the rats chose the rooms filled with Oreos and cocaine. But the scientists were shocked by what happened next...

When they examined the brains of the rats at the end of the study, they found that the rats who indulged on Oreos experienced MORE activation in the pleasure center of their brains than the rats injected with cocaine (well known to be one of the most addictive drugs in the world).

Now you can see why quitting sugar is so hard! It's a drug.

I developed an innovative program with my team to help you detox from all that toxic and addictive sugar in your diet. I will show you that you CAN win the battle against sugar. You CAN finally take control of your cravings. And you can enjoy more energy… fewer mood swings… and even lose weight. The best part? It only takes 7 days!

You don't need to starve yourself. You don't need to eat processed, pre-packaged "no sugar" foods. And you don't need to take any pricey supplements. All you need is this simple, step-by-step plan that's worked for over 4,000 people - including yours truly! And that's what I'd like to invite you to now.

Sign up here for our upcoming Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox group session.  

My team and I will personally coach you to success in this special group session taking place the week of January 15, 2018. This is an opportunity for you to do your 7-Day Sugar Detox along with a group of new participants, side-by-side. We'll be encouraging each other in an exclusive members-only Facebook group. It's going to be SUPER FUN!

I will be checking in with everyone in the group on Facebook Live during the 7-Day Sugar Detox. You'll hear my best tips, tricks, and strategies for cutting cravings. I'll also answer your most commonly-asked questions. Current members of the group who did the detox with us last year are also ready to help! They've been through it all and know what works.

Not able to do the detox with us the week of January 15th? No problem!

As soon as you sign up for the 7-Day Sugar Detox for a one-time discounted fee, you'll get instant access to the entire program FOR LIFE so you can start ANYTIME you'd like.

The 7-Day Sugar Detox is a program you can start any day you wish. There is not a set start time and you can start any time that is convenient for you. I give you all the tools you need to do this and my team is always available to support you and answer your questions!

After you sign up I'll show you…

  • How the food industry tries to keep you addicted to sugar (even when you think you're eating a perfectly healthy diet)... and how you can avoid their devious traps.
  • A proven way to finally take control of your cravings without feeling deprived, eating pre-packaged "diet" foods, or spending a fortune at Whole Foods.
  • The 10 best foods to eat during your detox... along with 47 foods you must avoid at all costs (there are some unexpected foods on this list for sure!)
  • My no-hassle sugar detox meal plan, so you know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. 21 tasty meals that satisfy even the biggest appetites.
  • My sugar-detox restaurant guide so you can stay on track even when you're on-the-go.
  • 9 powerful craving quenchers hiding in your kitchen cabinet. One of them is this Indian spice, proven to work in human studies.
  • A tea formula that stops sugar cravings—by "rewiring" your taste buds! Just a few sips of this tasty beverage are all you need (and no, it's not green tea).
  • Hands-on support through our private Facebook group (including my video updates with handy tips to get you through the toughest cravings).

That's just a small taste of the sugar-busting strategies I'll share with you in this program. Even better…

When you sign up today, I'll give you over 50% off! (Expires 1/12/18)

See everything you get instantly in the 7-Day Sugar Detox here.

There has been one issue with the 7-Day Sugar Detox…

After people complete the 7 days, they love it so much that they want to continue… I'm getting a ton of emails from people asking for more… Yes, I'm serious!!! So, this time around I put together a special package that will allow you to easily transition from your sugar detox into a plan that will foster healthy eating habits for life:

PREMIUM PACKAGE (Limited Time Offer!)

Get the entire 7-Day Sugar Detox + One Year Food Babe Eating Guide Membership for only $99. (Expires 1/12/18 - no exceptions!)

I normally charge over $100 each for these two programs, so getting both for only $99 is a total steal! This offer is SO GOOD that it's only available if you sign up by January 12th and choose the Premium Package. Check out everything that comes with this premium package here.

Sign up today at 50% off and take the next few days to familiarize yourself with the materials, watch the videos and get prepared for January 15th - maybe you ask a friend or get your whole family on board too. If you have any doubts about what this 7-Day Sugar Detox can do for you, read the testimonials here.

I'm so excited and can't wait to see you in our member-only Sugar Detox Facebook group!


P.S. Since launching the 7-Day Sugar Detox in 2016, over 4,000 people have used these secrets to take control of their cravings and get off sugar for good…

"I think I can say that the Sugar Detox was a success! Not only have I lost a few pounds, but my clothes are looser, and my rings come off a lot easier… my complexion seems smoother and clearer. I have actually tamed the "sugar craving beast" in me!" – Julia

"I just completed the 7-Day Sugar Detox. It was a great experience! I think my relationship with food is taking a much needed positive turn. For me it is less about the weight loss and more about good health for me and my family. I lost 14 lbs and I feel great." – Matt

"The recipes are so good, I don't crave for sugar or feel hungry. Before trying this out, I had frequent headaches and was always tired. This is the first time a diet has actually worked for me." – Archana

"I am on day 3 and can already notice an improvement in energy, hunger levels, cravings, and mood. I've even lost 5 lbs. I was in disbelief!" —Bianca

"Today is day 7 of the detox and I am feeling SO great. Feeling lean and energetic! I am going to continue eating this way as it's spurred a weight loss that I've been struggling with. I'm down almost 5 pounds (and measurements changing too!)" - Diana

These are just a few real-life examples…. and now it's your turn. Sign up here.

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