Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Time sensitive - gone in a few hours

Just a quick reminder...

Launch special pricing on Glorious Gut - our new probiotic - ends in a few short hours.

Here's the link - save up to 25% off retail

Plus, when you place your order today, you'll get our all new "Gut Health Recipe Guide," with your purchase. 

When I started my health journey, the first supplement I ever took was a probiotic, and I never looked back. We now know how important our gut is for our overall health and probiotics support our gut. 

If you've been thinking about trying our probiotic, now is the time to do it. It's our #1 most requested product, and we are offering it to our most loyal customers first… at a special price… as our way of saying thank you for supporting us. 

So, try our new probiotic today. 



P.S. I never set out to create a product line, but after years of fighting Big Food, I realized that I had to do it. Big companies don't change fast enough and if the world needs better products, I knew I'd have to make them myself.


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Special probiotic price ends tonight

The special launch pricing for our New Probiotic Glorious Gut ends TONIGHT!

We offer a special discount on our new products to reward the people who know what they want - and go for it!

And today is the last day to take advantage of it.  

It's simple really:

The retail price of our Glorious Gut Probiotic is $34.99. 

However, if you order today, on autoship, it's only $26.24.

You also have other opportunities to mix and match it with other products. 

But, today is the best (and final) day for these amazing savings.

Here's the link

And don't forget:

You get 30 days to try it, and if you aren't completely in love, you get a full refund, no questions asked.




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Monday, August 26, 2019

Watch this

The special launch pricing for our New Probiotic Glorious Gut, ends tomorrow.

Which brings me to what I want to share today...

Have you heard about "The Milk Test"?

No, no, no...

Don't worry, I'm not talking about that disgusting Milk Chugging Challenge.

I'm talking about a test that people do with their probiotic pills to determine if the strains inside are active.

I actually shared the milk test on my blog a few years ago, so you can bet that as soon as our blend was formalized I popped open a pill and gave it a test.

Here's what happened…


As you can see, ours actually changes the milk. The strain is doing the work it's supposed to do by feeding on the dairy and multiplying. 

But then, we took things one step further…

We actually developed a delicious recipe for homemade coconut yogurt using - you guessed it - our probiotic.

Ultra Creamy Homemade Coconut Yogurt

Makes 2 cups

Prep Time: 5 minutes + 24-48 hours to ferment


2 cans full fat coconut milk

½ tablespoon maple syrup or raw honey (optional)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 Truvani Glorious Gut probiotic capsules


  1. Open each can and scoop the thick cream off the top into a bowl, discarding or saving the liquid for another use. 
  2. Add the maple syrup/honey and vanilla and mix well to combine. You can leave the maple syrup or honey out if desired, although it does help thicken the yogurt and provide a subtle sweetness. 
  3. Open the probiotic capsules and pour the powder into the bowl. Mix well with a wooden spoon as a metal spoon can cause an adverse reaction with the probiotics. 
  4. Cover the bowl with a cheesecloth or kitchen towel and place in the oven, microwave or a warm cabinet. Let sit for 24-48 hours to ferment. 
  5. Store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. 

I love whipping up a batch for a healthy snack - or even breakfast - for when I want to go a little crazy and mix up my oatmeal routine. ;)

I'll even toss a few scoops into my afternoon smoothie.

When order your Glorious Gut Plant-Based Probiotic today - we will also send you a digital recipe guide with 23 of our favorite gut health supporting recipes!

Check it out here.

You deserve it!



P.S. If you give this recipe a try, please share your photos on social media with the hashtag #truvani and tag @truvani. I love seeing what you create!

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Friday, August 23, 2019

My doctor said I should take one and it changed my life

I've got another story for you today.

But first I want to let you know that our New Probiotic Glorious Gut, is now available - and is selling fast.

In fact, we are anticipating that we will run out soon. If you want to snap it up (before the special pricing ends), I suggest that you do so now.

But back to my story...

Have you ever been called "CRAZY"?

At this point, I pretty much consider it a compliment.

While much of the world knows and takes probiotics today, I began taking a probiotic over 12 years ago. 

(Back before it was cool)

My doctor said I should take one, but it was a different time then. 

You could go to the store, find one or two probiotics available, and just walk out with one. No problem. 

Now there's a gazillion of them on the shelf. In every store. Vitamin stores. Supermarkets. And the kids' lemonade stand down the block.

It can make you feel crazy. 

But here's the truth:

I believe taking a probiotic was a BIG turning point in my health journey. So, when I co-founded Truvani, I had to create one. 

And many of you believe the same thing:

It's the #1 most requested Truvani product. 

Personally, I love working on product development. It's where I can ensure we pick all the right ingredients for our product and where the researcher in me gets to shine. 

At first, it was tough. When I started to do competitive research, I was GOBSMACKED. 

Which product should you trust? 

How many strains of probiotic do you need?


Different bacterial strains have different benefits.

So when formulating a probiotic you can choose to include ones that focus specifically on skin health, or immunity support, or digestive health. 

Well, I wanted one to do it all…

So, I put together my DREAM formula, and my team thought it was crazy. 

But after working with me for a year, no one was surprised.

The truth is, the cost to create a probiotic with more strains costs more money… and some companies likely cut strains to cut costs. 

But here at Truvani we believe in creating the best. We put our customers first, and if you can get all the good stuff in one probiotic, I say we do it. 

And that's why I'm happy to introduce you to…

Glorious Gut, Truvani's new plant-based probiotic. 

We've included 15, properly dosed strains to deliver a wide range of benefits.

(Some other brands "strain wash" their probiotic. The bulk of the product only has 2 or 3 strains. They lightly "dust" the other strains to save money and look better on the label). 

Not at Truvani. 

We used 15 balanced strains and I share each of them on our new product page. 

Click the link to see all 15 strains and how they can help. 

Get this powerful probiotic while supplies last.




P.O. Box 31521 Charlotte, NC 28231

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sorry, it's going to sell out.

So, this is a little nuts...

Yesterday, I announced that our brand new probiotic Glorious Gut was available.

Within a few hours, my team got me on an emergency phone call:

"Vani we have an issue," one said.

My heart started racing...

"The response to the probiotic has been amazing - too good actually. It looks like we are going to sell out."

We had a gut feeling that this probiotic would be great, but this is crazy.

If this keeps up there's a good chance we may run out of inventory and need to back-order the product. 

So, if you're interested in our new probiotic, now is the time to pick it up. Here's the link where you can learn all about it. 

I also want you to know 2 things. When I first learned about the chance that we might sell out, I had two questions for our team:

My first question was: "If people subscribe, will they still get the second shipment?" They assured me the answer was "Absolutely."

(We hold back some inventory to satisfy our existing subscribers to minimize inventory problems for existing subscribers).

My second question was: "Can we make more?" And they said the answer is, of course, yes. But it may take additional time and require us to back-order the product.

So, if you're thinking about trying our new Glorious Gut probiotic, now is the time to do it.




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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Brand new product is here

Our #1 requested product is NOW available.

(If you just can't wait, you can click the link here)

For a little context...

There's one part of the human body that controls many aspects of our health.

And up until recently, it's been largely ignored. 

But now, researchers are even calling this remarkable system our "2nd brain".

And some doctors have dubbed it "A new clinical frontier"

I was skeptical at first...

But here's the thing:

Thanks to all this research pouring out…

We now know that much of our health is controlled by our gut.

And it's one of the reasons why everyone keeps talking about "Gut Health". 

Silly health fads can get a little obnoxious... 

But gut health isn't a fad.

It's a revolution. 

And on that note…

I'm thrilled to announce our latest product!

Click Here To See What It Is




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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Believe the hype?

Tomorrow we are launching a BRAND NEW product. It's been our #1 requested product, and we've been working on getting it juuuusstt right for over a year.

In yesterday's email, we talked about the topic of gut health. I shared a little with you about my story, and what I did to restore the health of my gut.

Today, I'll tell you what ended up happening. 

I'm a big believer that your overall (mind and body) health starts in the gut.

Here's what some of you had to say...

"I'm a total believer in gut health and that having a strong immune system comes from what we eat, how we eat, and most of all staying alkaline and balanced in our gut by taking pre and probiotics!" - Kelly M

"I believe the hype and I am trying to get my gut together. I have several health challenges, and I have made a commitment to myself that I deserve to be healthy, and I fully believe it begins in the gut!" - J.C.

"YES! I believe the hype! Gut health is EVERYTHING!" - Allegra T.

Here's What Happened

After just a few weeks of working on balancing my gut, I started to notice some little things…

My mind felt clear.

My body felt good.

My skin looked fantastic!

I was sold. Brains, beauty and microbiome - indeed.

Big News Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Aug. 21st, we are launching a brand new product. 

Any idea what it might be?

Hit reply and send me your guess!



P.S. Tomorrow is the big day! Watch for an email with the product announcement!

I also filmed a new video for you all about bacteria (it's pretty funny) watch for it tomorrow…..


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Monday, August 19, 2019

How I stay healthy (part 1)

People always ask me...

"How do you have the time to be so healthy?"

And I'll answer that today.

(HINT: It has to do with the B word.)

I also have some big news to share at the end of this email.

Now you may see me on Instagram…

  • Picking fresh figs in the garden with my daughter. #grateful
  • Packing up perfectly portioned organic lunches to eat on the plane. #goals
  • Milking our pet goat in the backyard to make homemade cheese. #kidding

(The last one is a joke!)

The photo with the animals is from a farm in Italy - not my backyard!

You and I both know that real life, and the edited pieces of our lives portrayed on Instagram are two very different things.

Spoiler alert: I'm NOT perfect, but I have learned how to set myself up for success - and I'm going to share my strategies with you today (no goat-milking required).

The B Word

I went to lunch with a friend the other day, and the B word came up.

You know what I'm talking about...


For many  ALL of us, it seems completely unattainable.

Cooking, eating clean, exercising - it can take a lot of time and energy.

Something that many  NONE of us have enough of.

For years, I ignored my health - and as a result, I didn't feel my best. When I ended up at the doctor, the first thing that she suggested was that my gut may be unbalanced.

Upon her suggestion, I started taking a probiotic to help boost the amount of beneficial bacteria in my body.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

Balance is important in our lives AND inside of our bodies.

I'll tell you more about that later.

I created my company, Truvani, to help you live a simpler, healthier life.

And I'm so proud of all of the great products we have that work on the go.

How I Found Balance

Once I realized how imbalanced my body was, I went on a quest to correct it.

The first thing I did? As per doctor's orders, I began building up more beneficial bacteria in my gut.

The more I learned about gut health, the more I began to believe the hype.

You see, if our gut doesn't have the right balance of bacteria, everything from our mood, skin, even our immune system is affected!

Did you know that 70% of our immune system is in our gut??

And 90% of serotonin is produced, not in our brain, but in our gut as well!

They say that good health starts in the gut, so why not start there?

I knew that I needed to get more beneficial bacteria into my body.

Here's what I did…

  1. I immediately began taking a probiotic supplement each morning with breakfast.
  2. I cut back on processed foods, and began making eating real, whole foods, a big priority.
  3. I started adding more fermented foods, and beverages into my diet.

Listen, I love kimchi and kombucha, but I don't eat it every day.

Ultimately I found that taking a daily probiotic supplement was the most convenient way to get good bacteria to balance my body, and support the health of my gut.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what happened next. It took me a bit by surprise...

I've Got Something Exciting Coming For You

I wanted to let you in on some exciting news, we have a brand new product coming out Wednesday, August 21st. It's actually been the #1 requested product since we started my company, Truvani.

This product plays a big role in keeping me balanced.

Now It's Your Turn

Reply to this email and let me know what you think about gut health.

If you believe the hype, reply and tell me why.

If you're on the fence, I want to hear that, too.



P.S. Tomorrow, I'm going to share what happened after I started to balance out the bacteria in my gut. What happened may surprise you...

P.O. Box 31521 Charlotte, NC 28231

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Why people hate me.

If you are new around here, you may not know this… but I wanted to make sure you have this insight about who I am and why I do what I do. 

I didn't set out to become an activist.

But my passion to get out the truth became fierce after realizing there are so many people like me, that are being duped by Big Food companies. I thought the food I was eating was healthy, but it wasn't. The food I was eating was filled with processed chemicals and ingredients to make it addictive.

And that's what I discovered about Chick-fil-A 7 years ago. 

After my initial blog went viral, the executives at Chick-fil-A took notice and to my surprise they invited me to their headquarters to consult with their team in making changes.

My visit in late 2012 did not result in everything I had hoped but the people I met there that day were beyond amazing. Some of the nicest people I have ever met! 

You know, every company has a face. The people who work at these Big Food corporations are real people. And, when you meet with them as an activist you can easily get persuaded to back down in your convictions. 

I want to let you know that I will never back down. I will never be persuaded when it comes to the truth and what I uncover. This, is what I believe has set me apart from other activists out there - and it's why some people hate me. But that's ok. 

As much as Chick-fil-A tried to convince me they were the good guys  - I can't look past the blatant truth about their food. As revealed in my brand new Chick-fil-A post, this is what they are currently serving people and children…

Read the new Chick-fil-A investigation here

My point with these investigations is not to tell you never to eat it again, but to give you the facts so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family. 

I wish someone would have explained to me what I was really eating all those years ago. After learning what was in my food and changing my ways, my life was transformed. I went off all my prescription drugs, lost unwanted pounds, and felt a million times better. This is why I do this work. I want to help more people feel this way. 

If you haven't already told your friends about what's in Chick-fil-A's food, please forward this email to them. You can also share my investigation here on Facebook and Instagram

You never know who it will help! 




P.O. Box 31521 Charlotte, NC 28231

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Thursday, August 15, 2019


When I say I used to LOVE Chick-fil-A, I'm not kidding…


Being addictive is good for business, right? 

After meeting with Chick-fil-A executives and having continuous conversations throughout the years - I know they are aware that MSG is a problem, but they aren't willing to sacrifice that addicting taste. 

It's what keeps customers coming back for more and it's why my mouth still waters when I see one of their sandwiches, despite not actually having one in over 10 years!

The MSG is real people! And I'm not alone. 

That's why my brand new Chick-fil-A investigation is kickin 'up some serious controversy!

Some people are thankful… and some don't want to know the truth about Chick-fil-A's beloved sandwiches. 

Read and share Chick-fil-A's ingredients with your friends:


We can write letters to the company, sign petitions, and ask them to change - but the truth is this: 

They are gonna do what they wanna do, so it's up to us. 

That's why we need to educate those around us by sharing what's really in Chick-fil-A's food. Some people won't want to hear it, but you never know who's life you may change!

Chick-fil-A was something I thought was healthier and a better alternative to most fast food places, because it was lower in calories. I was astonished when I found out the truth, but this is how I turned my health around. 

Just because something looks "cleaner" than other fast food, doesn't mean that it really is. 

Forward this email to your loved ones and share this brand new investigation on Facebook and Instagram

We are making a difference together! Go, Food Babe Army, Go! 




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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

SEE the 55 ingredients in a Chick-fil-A sandwich

I had an early love affair with Chick-fil-A. While in college, I'd eat there at least 3 to 4 times a WEEK, sometimes more. I'd pick up one of their sandwiches on my way back from the gym and thought they were good for me because they only had about 400 calories. If only I knew then what I do now.

See what's in Chick-fil-A's food today in my BRAND NEW investigation.

And you're not going to believe what's in their new Mac & Cheese that everyone's talkin' about. 

If you know anyone in a serious love affair with Chick-fil-A, please share this new investigation with them. I wish I knew this information earlier! 



P.S. I once promised Chick-fil-A that if they make their menu items additive-free, I'd rent a cow costume or whatever they wanted and run up and down the street on live TV. That promise still stands! 

P.O. Box 31521 Charlotte, NC 28231

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