Monday, January 8, 2018

The results are in!

I recently asked the Food Babe Army to take a little challenge… to write down how many grams of added sugar they were eating per day. Here are some results sent in:

"Out of curiosity I counted my simple, what I thought was healthy, Organic Vanilla yogurt, Organic honey, & GF Chex granola breakfast…. wait for it…. 66 grams of sugar!!!!!!!!!  What the???? Had NO idea! Never gave it a thought. Thank you! I think." – Brooke

"Wow, my appetite is down and I must have had almost 46 grams of sugar today! Some of that was from a teaspoon of raw honey in my tea and from a smoothie made with 1/2 a 450ml Bolton Farms Blueberry Goodness and a banana. I also had 14 oz of lentil soup with a tsp of balsamic vinegar added. For dessert, a Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie and two coconut wrapped date rolls and 12 oz of unsweetened almond milk." – Ted

"I was averaging about 45 grams of sugar a day, then today at work someone brought a ginormous gift basket of a variety of cookies (chocolate chip walnut, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.). While I was still full from breakfast I was fine at turning it down. Then when lunch time hit and we were all on break I fought in my head back and forth and decided to let myself have one. Cuz I was hungry. And didn't have any food with me. They were convenient, free, everyone was eating them, they looked, smelled, and tasted delicious, "I've been so good for so long," etc. etc. I was done for. I ended up having 3 more. And then felt sick afterwards. Today my sugar count is at 105 grams. It's crazy how addicting sugar and white flour is. And how slippery that slope is." – Tristan

Can you relate? See more sugar diaries here.

A sugar detox is the best way to stop sugar cravings dead in their tracks. Since it is the new year and I want to help you develop this healthy habit, I am opening up my impactful and effective program - Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox - at over 50% off through Friday only.

This program includes everything you need to succeed!

  • Quick Start Guide

  • 7-Day Sugar Detox Plan

  • 7-Day Sugar Detox Recipe Guides

  • Private Sugar Detox Facebook Group

  • Success Journal

  • Exclusive Instructional Videos

  • Maintaining Your Success After The Detox Guide

  • Check out everything you get with the Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox here!

Don't forget, my team and I will personally coach you to success in this special group session taking place the week of January 15, 2018. This is an opportunity for you to do your 7-Day Sugar Detox along with a group of new participants, side-by-side. We'll be encouraging each other in an exclusive members-only Facebook group. It's going to be SUPER FUN! I hope you are able to join us that week - but if not, you can still do your detox any time that is convenient for you.

You can get the entire 7-Day Sugar Detox program for over 50% off if you sign up today.

If you know anyone who struggles with sugar or their health, please forward this email to them. Maybe they will do the detox with you? Let's detox from sugar together!



P.S. Just look at what some people had to say after completing the Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox...

"I have lost almost 5 pounds. I have eaten more delicious food this week than I have in my entire life. I have found the recipes so very delicious." ~ Glenna

"I thought it would be impossible but it wasn't and we succeeded! We feel so much better after doing the detox and now know that we have self control and that sugar does not run our lives." ~ Lia

"I completed the 7-Day Sugar Detox and the sugar cravings actually got better after day 4….The best part of it all is I lost 5 pounds!" ~ JaNette

"My husband and I are absolutely loving it! We never feel hungry and the sugar cravings have virtually vanished! The recipes are amazing and the plan is so easy to follow! We are going to continue eating this way forever!" ~ Lori


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