Monday, July 2, 2018

Watch out for these summertime traps!

The other day I ran into the grocery store for a couple of quick items and came across a big 4th of July display full of all the party essentials… crackers, dips, hamburger buns, BBQ sauce, ketchup, baked beans, sweet tea, and even those big sugar cookies painted red, white and blue. Although it can be tempting to load up your cart with this stuff (it's wayyyy too easy), there was one thing I noticed…

Every single product on display was made with High Fructose Corn Syrup (yes, all of them!) This highly sweet, chemically concocted version of corn syrup is arguably the worst sweetener in our food. Not only is HFCS generally made from GMO corn, but one study found that it can be contaminated with toxic mercury. Besides that, these products were full of artificial dyes, preservatives, and other nasty additives.

You might be thinking, "Well, it's just for a holiday… it's just once a year… that's not gonna kill me."

This way of thinking is a trap. You see, it's not really just once a year. We are being sabotaged at every turn with processed chemical additives (HFCS and worse!) and there always seems to be an excuse to have it "just this one time". There are countless birthday parties, backyard cookouts, and the holiday season still to look forward to.

After I started learning about what was really in my food, I made a conscious decision not to eat toxic chemicals in processed food regardless the occasion because I knew they were responsible for making me gain weight and making me want to eat more. This really forced me to learn how to celebrate without getting off my game.

So even though 4th of July is just once a year, don't go down the road of buying processed foods full of health-wrecking additives. Instead, choose to make a few of these fun backyard party recipes that are ALWAYS a hit…

You don't gotta make everything from scratch. Also check this list of the best picks for organic chips and other packaged snacks that won't sabotage your health. It's a party and you've gotta have chips, right?

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday week!



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