Thursday, July 12, 2018

Some controversy...

Earlier this week, I shared a story about how disgusted I am about ingredient labels that LIE.

To recap... 

When a product is contaminated by heavy metals, you are required to include a warning label in California.

So, I found this one product that didn't have a warning label and sent it off for independent testing.

And I was HORRIFIED by the results.

Now, some of you are wondering why I didn't release the results and here's the reason why:

Over the last few years of fighting against big food, I noticed that calling out specific ingredients and specific companies was playing an endless game of "whack a mole." No matter how many times I got a company to change, another company would pop up doing the same exact thing as the other companies. It's crazy.

This is one of the reasons why I was driven to start my own product line. I wanted to create something where people would know that the company did the right thing… from the beginning. So, people would never have to worry about the specific ingredients. With this new mission came additional responsibility. Much of which I'm just as unhappy about as you are. Especially as it relates to specific products I plan to release.

But if this is what I have to do to make the lasting change in the food system, so be it. It's what needs to be done.

I know it's different. For now. But I am working out the kinks, and I assure you that this is what I believe is what the world needs.

Read: Lies, Damned Lies, And Ingredient Labels

On July 16th, I will announce the third Truvani product.

It's vegan. It's non-GMO. It's USDA organic.

And I was testing products similar to the product that we planned to release.

The whole story is a little crazy.

Read the blog post to see the full story. 



P.S. As you read it, try and guess the new product. Leave me a comment!

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