Monday, September 30, 2019

Someone finally had the guts to publish this

If I see another media headline like this, I think I'm gonna lose it...

  • "KFC's new fried chicken and doughnut sandwich is terrifying and delicious"
  • "Jimmy Kimmel's Son Billy Digs into Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: 'Even 2-Year-Olds Can't Resist'"
  • "Pizza Hut goes totally crackers with new Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza"
  • 'Baby Shark cereal coming to a breakfast table near you"
  • "The Cinderella Latte At Starbucks Is A Disney Lover's Dream Come True"

Sounds like advertisements, huh? The media has no problem promoting the latest and greatest toxic food products, and many times you'll find that they're influenced by PR companies hired by the food industry to create a "buzz" about their food. It's a slick marketing tactic that many people fall for. 

Every time I see an article like this, I think why don't they write about what's in these products? Why don't they ask what the ingredients are so people know what's in these latest inventions? I really wish more journalists had the guts to do this, but most don't. 

That's why I was so surprised (and excited) to see our work blasted on the front page of international news last Friday: Read the article here

They published our side-by-side ingredient comparisons of food companies selling safer products with entirely different ingredients in other countries. It's about time these unethical practices by American food companies gets revealed for the whole world to see. 

I was interviewed on this subject (and on my book) by a major nationwide news agency a few months ago, and the night before it was set to run, they pulled the article. When I pressed for reasons why, they said there "has been more FoodBabe controversy than my editors seem to feel worth sticking our neck out for"

I've learned how corrupt the media industry can be in not willing to take a risk to tell the truth – because reporting the truth about our food would cost them money in the form of advertisements from Big Food corporations. If the newspapers did report the truth about how food companies exploit Americans, the whole system would unravel.

Please go read and share this article - the more people who know, the more change we will see! 



P.S. The article quotes some old critics of mine, such as Yvette d'Entremont. Information has come out that shows how she is tied to the food & chemical industries, which are detailed out here by the non-profit group US Right To Know. She previously worked for a controversial pesticide company that had an agreement with Monsanto, and she has been hired to speak by CropLife, Monsanto, and Dupont. Her work is further promoted by front groups for the food industry, such as the American Council on Science and Health and the Genetic Literacy Project. Apparently these critics want to keep eating these chemicals, and to them I say - Bottoms up!

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