Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dips and Chips... what not to buy!

This time of year we love to get together and spend more time outside at parties and BBQ's with friends and family. If we're heading out, of course it's customary to bring a dish and so I always do (and often bring several). This way I know that I'll have something healthy to eat and can also share with my loved ones how delicious healthy eating can be! 

Although it can be tempting to just pick up some packaged foods like chips, dip, and pasta salads at the store, I don't want to go down the road of buying processed foods full of health-wrecking additives. Instead, I choose to make recipes like this new one on the blog today!
I just posted a fun recipe for Slow Cooker Southwest Bean Dip with Homemade Chips that is going to be put to big use this year for sure! You can always double or triple the recipe – it's a crowd pleaser. This recipe is so super simple to make, you just basically throw the ingredients in your slow cooker and when you come back in a couple hours it's practically ready to go.
A lot of people just pull out their slow cookers in the winter, but I think they're perfect during hot weather so you don't heat up your house. If you are trying to eat more home cooked meals but are limited on time, using a slow cooker makes it virtually effortless. This recipe comes from my Real Food Slow Cooker Guide, which has over 50 slow cooker recipes that are all incredibly delicious and easy. These recipes are so simple and hassle-free that they make a healthy lifestyle a breeze! Check it out here.
I hope the weather is nice where you are and that you're able to spend more time outdoors with your friends and family. Share this recipe with them and plan your next get together! 
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