Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don't worry, I got you! (expires on Friday.)

I've been pouring through hundreds of your responses to Monday's email over the last couple days and wish I could respond to each of you individually! I love how you opened yourself up and let me know who you are. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write back and for being so candid. You are helping me plan out future investigations and petitions, so that we can make the biggest impact - on not just the food industry, but our own lives. I now have a long list of projects to work on that I can't wait to share with you!

What really made my day was seeing how many of you are already really happy with the way you're eating with lots of healthy, unprocessed, organic foods… this warmed my organic-food-loving heart!!! You guys are so inspiring and rockin' it!

Not everyone is there yet though - and that's okay. In this email I'm going to share with you what's working for these people who are already thriving and happy with their diets, because you can do what they are doing too! I'll tell you specifically what sets them apart from everyone else out there who feels bloated, addicted to sugar, overweight, and tired all the time.

I noticed a common theme amongst everyone who is happy with their diets and they all had these TWO THINGS in common...

  1. They never go on a "diet". In order to make a real change in your health and body, you need to cultivate healthy habits that become easy for you to keep. Your diet changes need to be gradual and become a way a life.
  2. They eat most of their food from home. That's not to say that you can't have a social life and go out to eat with friends, but the majority of your food should be from your own kitchen where you can control the ingredients.

This almost seems like boring advice, I know! But if you want to know what works - THIS IS IT.

Let me ask you: Do you like the lifestyle that you have set for yourself and your family? If not, it is never too late to begin making changes - and you can start now.

I have a system that works and I invite you to give it a try. The Food Babe Eating Guide Program is designed to launch you into better health and a new, thinner, and fitter body. It requires forming some new habits and breaking some old ones. And it is something you can do successfully. This is not a diet, but a way of living. Follow this program closely and expect your body, and your life, to change.

When you sign up, you'll get recipes for new Food Babe meals every month (easy to make green drinks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners), a meal schedule, and a shopping list. These are brand new recipes that the Food Babe Team cooks up every month just for you that are absolutely delicious! You will actually LOVE the food you are eating, which makes creating new habits so easy.

You'll also get my Starter Guide full of budget tips, eating strategies, and a list of the "Terrible 20" ingredients that keep you from losing weight, where to spot them, and what to eat instead. You can download these guides and recipes to your computer and keep them forever. Dozens of pages of knowledge at your fingertips INSTANTLY.

See everything that comes with the program here.

You'll gain control of your eating habits, while this program shows you how to eat wisely and well. As you continue eating this way, which will quickly become second nature, you'll naturally start losing weight and keeping it off. You won't have to count anything or obsess over calories or carbs, either. You just have to read labels, change some food-buying and food-prep practices, and enjoy food the way it was meant to be – natural and whole.

Everyone can be happy with their diets, I'm convinced. The only reason I've been able to maintain my ideal weight for over 10 years now and feel amazing is because of my habits, food choices, and routine, which is outlined in this program. If you haven't already heard my personal story about what happened when I started eating this way and how much my health improved, read my story and see my before/after photo here. When I took a hard look at what I was really eating and changed my eating habits and food choices, things dramatically shifted in my life. I went from someone overweight and sick to a new being of vibrant health, and I want everyone to feel this way.

BONUS: If you sign up for an Annual Eating Guide membership by this Friday, April 7th I'll also send you the BRAND NEW Food Babe Spring Slim Down:

  • 50 slimming recipes so you can look and feel your best by summer.
  • Includes favorites from my personal collection of recipes for breakfast, grab-and-go healthy lunches, family friendly main meals, soups, salads, juices, smoothies, snacks and desserts.
  • All designed to help your body shed unwanted pounds and detox naturally.

We have helped thousands of people develop new eating habits, lose weight, and feel their best. You can read a few of their stories here, here, and here. YOU can do this too and I can't wait to hear your success story.

Sign up here for an Annual Membership and get my BONUS Food Babe Spring Slim Down (only available through Friday, April 7th!)

Share this email with a friend or family member who you can team up with. It's always easier to develop new habits and tackle obstacles when you work together.

I hope you get on board!




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