Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New label will keep you from getting poisoned.

When the story broke that popular foods like Cheerios and Stacy's Pita Chips contain glyphosate weedkiller – we were outraged. If you missed this news, Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project commissioned scientific testing which found glyphosate in many popular American foods… even some that are organic and non-GMO! My reporting on this was my most shared post of 2016, with millions of views. It struck a chord with so many of you, and for good reason…

Glyphosate isn't safe to eat as it's been linked to cancer, reproductive problems, liver, kidney and skin cell damage, antibiotic-resistance, and more. No matter how healthy we eat or how much we try to protect ourselves from it, this weedkiller is being used on most major conventional food crops – such as wheat, tomatoes, sugar, nuts, oranges, apples, beans, and corn – and winding up in practically everything Americans eat...  honey, cereals, meat, drinking water, breast milk, infant formula, chips, cookies… the list goes on!

I've received thousands of comments and emails from those of you who want to know how to avoid glyphosate and know if the food we buy at the store contains it. I'm right there with ya, I want to know too!!! Right now, the only way to find out if the food you are buying contains glyphosate is to literally send it to a lab and get it tested. It's ridiculous.

Thankfully, a BRAND NEW FOOD LABEL just launched that will give us all what we are asking for, the "Glyphosate Residue Free" label by The Detox Project!

Read all about it and see a picture of the label here.

When my friend Henry Rowlands from The Detox Project told me about his latest project and this label, I was bursting at the seams and couldn't wait to tell you all about it! The "Glyphosate Residue Free" verification program has begun labeling products that have been tested and are free of glyphosate. They are working with food manufacturers and grocery chains, so that soon we will see labels like this on products!

This label applies to any GMO, non-GMO, or organic food.

Although we already have the Non-GMO Project label to avoid GMOs, that's the only information that it provides. The new Glyphosate Residue Free label takes this a step further and just offers more transparency and information about the food you are buying.

This label is such a game-changer! When brands start testing their food and finding glyphosate, they will take steps to clean up their supply chains. This will improve the integrity of the organic label and our food system as a whole. We should all feel like the food we are buying is safe and properly labeled.

I've partnered up with The Detox Project to help spread the word about this, but I need your help. The success of this label is going to depend on us! We need to ask food companies get their products tested and verified. We need to educate our favorite food brands as to why this label is important and why they'd want to make sure that their products don't contain glyphosate.

ACTION: Ask your favorite food companies to get verified! Here's how:

  1. Contact them via email or at their online contact pages. This is the most effective way to reach them, so don't skip this step! You can simply forward this email to them and ask them to get verified by The Detox Project here.

  1. Post on their Facebook pages and send them a link to this post asking them to get verified.

I can't wait to start seeing this label in stores! Share this email with your friends and family and tell them about this exciting new label. Spread the word!



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