Friday, April 7, 2017

Last hours: Food Babe Spring Slim Down Ends Tonight!

I know it's Friday night!!! But I don't want you to miss out! There's only a few more hours left to get the Food Babe Spring Slim Down as a FREE Bonus when you join the annual Eating Guide program. It has 50 of my favorite slimming recipes that will help you look and feel your best by this summer, including breakfasts, grab-and-go healthy lunches, family friendly main meals, soups, salads, juices, smoothies, snacks and desserts. This bonus ends at midnight tonight!

Remember, the top obstacles to eating healthy are:

  1. Finding the time and energy
  2. Not being prepared
  3. Lack of variety and boredom
  4. No support from your family

When you sign up, those obstacles will start to vanish before your eyes! Check out what you get:

  • Monthly Meal Plans: 19 new delicious recipes every month (breakfasts, lunches, family dinners, salad dressing, and green drinks), meal calendar outlining daily menus, detailed grocery list and approved brands. Every month that you remain a member, you'll receive a brand new plan!
  • Starter Guide: An in depth introduction to organic, healthy living. It is an all-in-one exclusive roadmap to staying motivated, tips and techniques for life's many eating situations including "The Terrible 20" ingredients that keep you from losing weight, where to spot them and what to eat instead, top organic budget tips, and strategies on how to curb cravings and how to stay on track in the face of temptation.
  • The Pantry List: How to remake your pantry and stock it for success (with recommended brands!)
  • Substitution Chart: We've got you covered if you have an allergy, or don't have an ingredient available and need a substitution. Helpful ingredient suggestions for food allergies or picky eaters. Variety is the spice of life, learn new ways to use ingredients for recipes on the fly.
  • Weekly Food Journal: The ultimate tool to hold yourself accountable and keep yourself on track. Proven to deliver results!
  • Exclusive Member-Only Forum: Find support from the Food Babe team and other members that are also on the program. This is where you can cheer each other on and share your success!

All the guides are downloadable and ready to view on your smartphone, computer or iPad instantly.

This program gives you all of the tools you need to finally get on track with your eating, and I'd love for you to join us!

Sign up with an annual membership and instantly download this month's guide here before Midnight to grab your bonus!





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