Thursday, April 27, 2017

Do you drink bottled water? Must read!

If there's just one health tip I could give you that would change your life, this is it: Stop drinking bottled water.

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Of course, drinking clean water is super healthy for you and this advice might sound outlandish… but there are several reasons to stop drinking bottled water immediately...

  1. Many bottled waters are just tap water in disguise. Tap water is poisoned with a variety of toxins, including pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, and hormone impersonators. In 2010, the Environmental Working Group reported that tap water from 45 states contained more than 300 contaminants! You'll be shocked at what some of those contaminants were: radon, a radioactive gas; Freon, a refrigerant pumped into air conditioners; the weed killer metolachlor; and acetone, the liquid used to remove nail polish.

  2. Most bottles are made from plastic, which may contain BPA (bisphenol- A) and other plastic chemicals that can act as obesogens that increase the size of fat cells in the body. These chemicals leach from the bottle into the water.

  3. The trash created from plastic water bottles is horrible for our environment. Plastic water bottles create an estimated 1.5 million tons of trash per year and require 47 million gallons of oil to produce!

  4. You'll save so much money! Bottled water is expensive, and depending on how many bottles you buy for yourself and your family every week, the cost adds up quick.

For all these reasons, I filter my own water at home and always carry a stainless steel or glass container of this filtered water around with me – to the gym, in the car, to meetings, and even to some restaurants!

Once you start drinking your delicious filtered water from home, you'll never want to drink anything else. You will start to taste the chlorine and other impurities from other water sources. The only time I get bottled water is when I'm in a foreign country or traveling somewhere where I don't have access to filtered water in a glass bottle. Drinking toxin-free water makes a major difference in the way I feel and I consider it a vital part of my everyday life.

I installed a whole-house filter in my house so no matter which faucet I'm using, I'm sure to get clean, filtered water. I personally love the fact that I can brush my teeth, grab a glass of water from the tap in my bathroom, and give my newborn a bath in clean water.

Everyone should have a filter in their house - and at the very least a countertop and shower filter. I partnered with Aquasana, because I've been so impressed with the many inexpensive filter options they offer - it always tastes great, the filters last a long time, and are easy to replace.

If you're still drinking from bottles or the tap (or bathing in it), now is an excellent time to get started with a water filter system...

Aquasana's whole house filter systems are now 50% OFF and some of their sink and countertop drinking filters are 50% OFF too. To get this huge discount just visit them here by Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Here's what I recommend... 

  • Whole Home Filter Systems: This gives you the peace of mind that the water from every tap in your home is filtered for up to 10 years.

And if you can't install a whole house filter, at the very least get both of these...

  • Countertop Water Filters: This very affordable option can help you get off of plastic water bottles as your main source of drinking water. No permanent installation, so works great if you're renting a house or apartment!

  • Shower Filters: I first started out with Aquasana's shower filter in my home and after a couple of months, I could tell a noticeable difference between taking a shower at home vs. at a hotel when traveling. When I get out of the shower at home now, I use less oils and moisturizers on my skin – which is pretty incredible. I have noticed a significant change in the softness of my skin and hair. My hair is thicker and does not fall out as easily as before (my hairdresser for over 10 years noticed first!) Though, the real magic happens in what I can't see – the reduction of the daily toxins I was being exposed to that could accumulate and cause disease in my body over time. Given that your skin is your largest organ, and your body absorbs what you put on it – bathing with clean water is crucial. Shower filters are a great inexpensive option for filtering this water that many people overlook.

Get your filters here. Thank you for supporting Food Babe with your purchase - I only partner with the best companies I personally have used and trust. 

Have an amazing weekend!



P.S. Whatever you decide to do, get your filters soon, these Aquasana specials expire on Sunday, April 30, 2017. Best of all, they have a 90 day return policy if for any reason you don't like the filter...which is perfect, so you have enough time to see if you notice a difference (I know you will)!



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