Monday, April 3, 2017

Just between you and me....

Good morning! First of all - Thank you for reading this blog and sharing our investigations and recipes - I consider you part of my team and we are changing the world!! You are so special to me and I want to make sure I'm always doing everything I can to help you achieve your goals when it comes to your food and your health.

That's why I developed a little challenge for us to do today… it's not really hard (I promise!) but will help me, help you!  

When it comes to what you choose to eat every day (i.e. your "diet"), I know many of you feel like you aren't where you want to be and that it could use some improvements. So today we are going to get to the WHY… If you are struggling with your diet, we need to know why before we can tackle the HOW.

Do this TODAY within the next 24 hours...

  1. Spend just the next 5 minutes with yourself and ponder the 4 questions below.
  2. Respond to the questions by simply replying to this email. You can remain anonymous if you want to! I just want to hear from ALL of you! So don't be shy.

Are you ready??? Make sure you take this challenge within the next 24 hours so we can move on to the next step together.

Question #1Are you happy with your current diet? Let me know if you already feel satisfied with the way you are eating, and if not, why! For instance, you might say...

"I feel bloated and sluggish and know it must be something I'm eating. So I'm really not happy with the way I'm eating and need to make some changes. I also feel addicted to soda even though I know it is horrible for me, but don't know how to stop!" 

Question #2: What are your goals when it comes to your diet? Describe what would make you the happiest if you got your eating habits under control. Tell me how it would make you feel, not just how you'd like to look. Be detailed! For example, your response might be something like this…

"I'd be able to fit into my favorite pair of shorts again. I want to wear them on an upcoming vacation and like how confident I feel in them. It would also give me the energy to play with my kids at the park. This gives me so much joy and they are only young once! I'd love to set a good example for my spouse and kids - I want them to live a long healthy life too!"

Question #3: Do you have specific challenges and obstacles that stop you from eating the way you want to? What are they? Be as specific as possible, for example...

"My biggest obstacle is a lack of time! I feel like the majority of my time is spent either thinking about what I'm going to eat, buying food, and preparing food. My family is addicted to easy processed food and sometimes I find it really hard to resist what they are eating. I really need to figure out how to get organized and become more efficient with my time."

Question #4: Based on your past experiences, what happens when you try to change your diet? What did you change? Why didn't you stick with it? For example...

"I have a problem following through. I jump into a new "diet" and then lose steam, interest, focus, energy… life takes over and next thing you know I'm heading to the nearest drive-thru! Last time I tried to stop eating GMOs I got so confused at the grocery store and didn't know how to make the right choices. I feel frustrated and just give up."

Remember to respond just by replying to this email

We can get there, and this exercise will help us discover what obstacles are in the way so that we can tackle them together. It's been shown that people are more successful when they have a good support system. Share this email with anyone in your life who you'd love to team up with on a journey to better health! 




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