Thursday, April 13, 2017

Throw this out of your bathroom cabinet asap!

When I made the switch to organic living years ago, my (mostly toxic) personal care products were the last thing to go. Once I figured out what toxic industrial chemicals in food were doing to my body – I knew I had to get rid of them from every part of my life. I think this progression is how most people detox their lives. First I cleaned out my fridge and pantry, then I figured out a natural way to clean my house, and then I went on to look at what I was putting on my skin and body.

As soon as I flipped my "Secret" antiperspirant over to read the ingredients I noticed it contained "Aluminum Zirconium." Although hotly debated… this ingredient is linked to all sorts of diseases, including two that I sadly have witnessed in close friends and family members – Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease. Putting this on my underarms every day, right where some of my lymph nodes are (glands that play a huge role in the immune system) suddenly seemed like a horrible idea!

That really dry feeling you get when you use antiperspirants like Mitchum, Suave, Secret, Gillette, Right Guard, and Soft & Dri is caused by the aluminum, which squeezes the sweat ducts shut so you can't sweat… and I don't know about you, but I find this really unnatural and unhealthy. Sweating actually has a lot of benefits – clears skin, lowers body temperature and fights off sickness – so why would I want to prevent my body doing what it needs to do to stay healthy?

So this is the ingredient that caused me to throw out my toxic antiperspirant and should hopefully get you to also (if you haven't already) run out and buy natural deodorant without Aluminum.

That being said, you can't exactly just pop into an everyday drugstore and always find a safe brand without aluminum and other harmful chemicals that actually works good. Finding a safe deodorant that I like to use has been a struggle... I've tried SO MANY brands over the years - and if you use natural deodorant too, you can probably relate!

One company that I've found and trust is Thinksport. I've been using their sunscreen for a few years now and am impressed with the quality of their products. They recently sent me their new natural deodorants to try and I've been amazed at how good they work! If you're sensitive to fragrance, they have an unscented version too. Unlike most natural deodorants, Thinksport's deodorant is developed for athletes, so it really works to keep you smelling fresh even during a tough workout!

As a longtime partner of ours, my team was able to negotiate a sweet deal to make it easier for you to try their deodorant too.

Use the code FOODBABE at checkout and receive:

  • 20% off the entire line of Thinksport products for the next 48 hours
  • Get a FREE bottle of Thinksport After Sport Lotion ($9.99 value) for the first 500 orders!

Visit Thinksport here and don't forget to enter the code FOODBABE to get your discount! This code excludes all product bundles and expires on Friday, 4/14/17.

All of Thinksport's products are free from known carcinogens and biologically harmful chemicals. They also don't use any petroleum-derived fragrances, phthalates, parabens, aluminum, formaldehyde, or other nasty chemicals found in so many personal care products. No animal testing either!

The founder of Thinksport tried unsuccessfully to convince several large companies to provide safer products, and then took it upon himself to do it! We need more companies like this that are doing the right thing in providing safer options for products that most of us use every day.

I hope this gives you inspiration to replace some of your toxic personal care products with safer alternatives. Your purchase at Thinksport helps support the investigations and work that my team and I are doing every day here at, so thank you!

Pick up your Thinksport deodorant (or stock up on sunscreen for summer) at 20% off with code FOODBABE by this Friday!



P.S. Remember the additional FREE bonus is only available for the first 500 orders!

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