Tuesday, January 21, 2020

5 ways to get your resolutions met

Maybe you're striving for a higher level of fitness...

Perhaps you just want to look and feel your best...

Or maybe you resolved to take better care of your mental health.

Whatever your resolutions are…

Often times, they can quickly take a backseat to everyday responsibilities. 

And that's why I started thinking about resolutions differently.

Instead of the New Year being a time to resolve…

It's now simply a chance to change.

I let some of my 2019 goals sit on the sidelines...

I'm admitting this to you because those outdated "resolutions" are tough to keep.

Yes, they are important…

But so is making sure my family, my business, and my home get the attention they deserve.

And in the name of making your goals easier to attain...

Here's a list of my top 5 hacks that will help you crush your 2020 goals:

  1. Set attainable, measurable goals. (don't be afraid to set big goals though!)

  2. Track your progress

  3. Start making daily to-do lists (this helps organize your time and keeps you accountable)

  4. Forget perfection. (as long as you're moving towards your goal, don't worry about how long it takes, everyone's health and fitness journey is different.)

  5. Celebrate every milestone.

Hack #5 is my personal favorite.

It may sound silly...

But this small act celebration can give you a positive dopamine boost which in turn will give you extra drive to continue onward with your goals.

And to give your 2020 goals even more support…

We got together and created 3 New Year bundles:

The Fit Me Bundle

The Gut Health Bundle 

The Renew Bundle

Each unique bundle includes a powerful selection of Truvani products designed to make attaining your 2020 health goals a little more manageable.

Plus, when you try one of these bundles today, you'll get these one-time gifts with your first order.

  1. A powerful handheld Truvani Frother
  2. Truvani's high-quality, reusable Glass Straw
  3. 2x Truvani's Vanilla Protein Single Serve Pack
  4. 2x Truvani's Chocolate Protein Single Serve Pack
  5. Depending on which bundle, an eBook with helpful recipes inside

The best part? If you look at the value of the individual products in the bundle alone, you can save up to 30% off retail price by trying this bundle.

However, this deal expires at midnight tonight. 

So, if you're looking to focus on Fitness… or Gut Health… or just looking to "Renew" your focus on health… 

Try one of these bundles and let us know what you think.




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