Thursday, January 9, 2020

Closes tomorrow + one more life changing habit

Even when you eat healthy, sugar always finds a way to creep in, doesn't it? 

I once asked several people to track their sugar intake and report back to me. Here were the results...

"Out of curiosity I counted my simple, what I thought was healthy, Organic Vanilla yogurt, Organic honey, & GF Chex granola breakfast…. wait for it…. 66 grams of sugar!!!!!!!!!  What the???? Had NO idea! Never gave it a thought. Thank you! I think." – Brooke

"Wow, my appetite is down and I must have had almost 46 grams of sugar today! Some of that was from a teaspoon of raw honey in my tea and from a smoothie made with 1/2 a 450ml Bolton Farms Blueberry Goodness and a banana. I also had 14 oz of lentil soup with a tsp of balsamic vinegar added. For dessert, a Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie and two coconut wrapped date rolls and 12 oz of unsweetened almond milk." – Ted

"I was averaging about 45 grams of sugar a day, then today at work someone brought a ginormous gift basket of a variety of cookies (chocolate chip walnut, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.). While I was still full from breakfast I was fine at turning it down. Then when lunch time hit and we were all on break I fought in my head back and forth and decided to let myself have one. Cuz I was hungry. And didn't have any food with me. They were convenient, free, everyone was eating them, they looked, smelled, and tasted delicious, "I've been so good for so long," etc. etc. I was done for. I ended up having 3 more. And then felt sick afterwards. Today my sugar count is at 105 grams. It's crazy how addicting sugar and white flour is. And how slippery that slope is." – Tristan

Can you see yourself in these stories? We've all been there. 

To give you a baseline, most experts recommend the average person eat no more than 25 grams (women) or 38 grams (men) of added sugar per day - but most eat WAY MORE than this! 

As it's the New Year and I want to help you develop healthy habits, I opened up my impactful and effective program - Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox - at 75% OFF and closes tomorrow. 

It takes all of the guesswork out of what to eat, what to avoid, and how to keep sugar cravings from ruining your best intentions! Here's what it includes:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • 7-Day Sugar Detox Plan
  • 7-Day Sugar Detox Recipe Guides
  • Private Sugar Detox Facebook Group
  • Success Journal
  • Exclusive Instructional Videos
  • Maintaining Your Success After The Detox Guide
  • Check out everything in detail here! 

And, this brings me to my next health tip this week, which also gives you a little preview of the type of information included in program…

Healthy Habit #6: Stop Adding Sugar To Your Coffee 

Do you add sugar to your coffee at home? Perhaps you run by a coffee shop to pick up a latte on the way to work or reward yourself with a mocha in the afternoon? Do you know how much sugar is in these drinks?

Here's a little breakdown: 

  • Starbucks Oatmilk Honey Latte (Grande) = 28 grams sugar
  • Dunkin Donuts Caramel Swirl Cappuccino (Medium) = 47 grams sugar
  • McCafe Iced French Vanilla Latte (Medium) = 34 grams sugar
  • Homemade coffee (2 Tbsp half & half and 3 tsp sugar) = 14 grams sugar

Talk about a sugar hangover! Try stirring one of these in your coffee instead...

  • Cinnamon – Adds a hint of sweetness and also provides the immune system with a boost! Just sprinkle a little bit on top, stir it into the grounds before brewing, or stick in a cinnamon stick.
  • Nut Milk, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream or Organic Cream – Adds an instant full-bodied feel to your coffee. Coconut is naturally sweet and will sweeten your coffee without refined sugar. I like to add my homemade coconut milk to a milk frother before adding it to my coffee (and then topping it with cinnamon). The frother really helps to add creaminess – you'll never miss the dairy creamers! For extra flavor, you can add a bit of vanilla extract to create your own homemade vanilla dairy-free creamer.  
  • Unsweetened Cocoa or Cacao Powder – Enhances the subtle notes in the beans and has also been shown to provide important antioxidants which can increase the overall quality of your morning coffee. A small amount can be stirred into the coffee itself or into the grounds before brewing. 
  • Vanilla Extract or Almond Extract – Naturally sweet on its own and is an amazing way to wean yourself off of using added sugar or sweeteners. Just stir in a couple drops.
  • Grass-fed butter + Coconut oil – Creates a natural creaminess especially when you blend it into your coffee with a hand blender (don't just stir it in). It is known for boosting energy. 
  • Sea Salt – Seems counter intuitive, but as salt reduces bitterness, your coffee will seem sweeter without any sugar. Just be sure to only add a tiny pinch (either to the grounds before brewing or to the entire pot) and don't go overboard or your coffee will taste salty! 

I've tried all these - and they WORK! - I haven't had to put sugar in my coffee since. If you are used to the hyper-sweetened drinks from coffee shops these might take a little bit of time to get used to, but I know from personal experience that when you start implementing these healthier substitutes your body will start to crave them – and the cravings for sugar become less and less. 

Remember, enrollment in the 7-Day Sugar Detox closes TOMORROW (Friday) at midnight. If you want to truly feel your best in the New Year, this program takes the cake! Sugar-free cake, that is :)  Just think of how great you will feel. Your body will thank you for taking good care of it. 

Make sure you check your email tomorrow, as I'll be sending over my last health tip for the New Year. And, trust me, you don't wanna miss it.



P.S. Here's what people say about the 7-Day Sugar Detox… 

"I am feeling lean, energetic and so great! I am going to continue eating this way as it has spurred a weight loss that I've been struggling to ignite. I'm down almost 5 pounds, and paired with seeing a personal trainer I'm experiencing big changes already...This sugar detox has been the BEST plan yet for having an immediate and wonderful impact on my health!" - Diana 

"I thought it would be impossible but it wasn't and we succeeded! We feel so much better after doing the detox and now know that we have self control and that sugar does not run our lives." - Lia

"My husband and I are absolutely loving it! We never feel hungry and the sugar cravings have virtually vanished! The recipes are amazing and the plan is so easy to follow! We are going to continue eating this way forever!" - Lori

Read more testimonials here.



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