Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Why I stop eating at 7pm

Have you implemented any of the health tips I've sent over the last few days? Hit reply to this email and let me know. I get so encouraged when I hear from people changing their lives with healthy habits like these! 

It's now time to move on to the next healthy habit in my arsenal…

Healthy Habit #4: Fast Every Single Day

You might be thinking… Say what? Fast every single day?! That's insanity.

But it's not – especially when you are only fasting for HALF of the day and most of this time you are sleeping. 

To adopt this habit, you will "fast" (which means to go without food) for at least 12 hours per day, from the time you eat your last meal until the time you "break" the "fast" with breakfast. This is a form of "intermittent fasting" that you may have heard about. It might be trending right now, but I've been doing this for well over 10 years now. Following this habit is extremely easy for me and can be easy for you too. 

This is my schedule...

  • I try to keep my last meal somewhere between 7pm and 8pm, go to sleep around 11pm.
  • Then I wake up early to workout and "break the fast" by eating my first meal at or about 8:30am or 9am.  
  • Finding the right time frames might be different for you based on your schedule.

Here's why it helps you: 

It takes at least 8 hours for your body to completely digest its meals from the day. If you add in another 4 hours to that time without introducing more food to digest, the body actually goes into detoxification mode and has more time to remove dead and dying cells from the body. During this "idle" time, the body also stimulates the development and regeneration of new cells. Aging occurs when more cells die than are being produced. Allowing your body sufficient time every single day to digest, eliminate dying cells and develop new cells is a habit that will get you closer to drinking straight out of the fountain of youth!

More Incredible Benefits of "Intermittent" Fasting – 

  • Improved Fat Burning: When you fast for 12 hours, your body has to use up stored glucose for fuel, burning excess fat off your body.
  • The Brain Can Fight Stress Better: 12-hour fasts give the brain a chance to fight the chemical byproducts of stress. They also help the mind to re-focus and improve memory and sensory perception. 
  • Promotes Heart Health: 12-hour fasts lower the body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and increase your good cholesterol.

One of the most amazing things I immediately noticed after I adopted this habit was that I woke up with more energy and felt much better rested. 

Another thing that gave me a ton of ENERGY was breaking my addiction to refined sugar...

After you break the cycle of endless sugar consumption, you will no longer feel like you are living on an energy-sucking roller coaster. Sugar makes your blood sugar go sky-high – a reaction followed immediately by plummeting blood sugar. That crash and burn triggers feelings of irritability, depression, and leaves you exhausted until you get your next sugar fix. 

I want everyone to know how good it feels when you stop eating refined sugar. That's why I created the 7-Day Sugar Detox Program, which has helped thousands of people get off the sugar roller coaster and take back their health and energy levels. 

I opened up enrollment in this program through Friday only: DETAILS HERE

Even if you can't start right away, no worries! You'll have access to the entire program, the guides, recipes, meal plans, videos and the private group, for life - so you can start any time that is convenient for you. But, you do need to sign up now before we close it on Friday.

Here's to breaking the fast and waking up feeling lighter, more rested and re-energized in the New Year and Beyond!



P.S. Tomorrow, I'll send you my next healthy habit… and to give you a hint it has to do with something we all do at night. Can you guess what that is?


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