Monday, September 14, 2015

Open me. It's finally here!

Today's the day.

How do we decide what to eat when we live in a world full of toxic food? Like I said in my last email, it can be simple with a little planning and action.

Announcing The Food Babe Eating Guide Membership 2.0!

We can't control what they are doing to our food, but we can control what we put in our mouths everyday.

When I started this blog, the number one question I got from my friends and family was this: "Can you develop a real food weight loss meal plan for me – and give me everything I need to know – the ingredients, the shopping list, the menu, what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it?"

They'd go on to say "I'll do anything to get to my ideal weight" and begged me for help. I wanted to help every one of them so bad – but knew I couldn't give them my full undivided attention due to the time commitments I had with a full time job and running this blog as my passion. There was just no way.

Since then, I gained a lot more friends (you!) along the way and luckily I figured out how to offer my Food Babe way of life and experience to you in a membership that will not only get you feeling your best – but looking your best too.

And this program has just gotten better!

Transforming your body from the inside out is so magical and I'm thrilled I have the opportunity to share this new revamped program with you.

The Food Babe Eating Guide is strategically designed and portioned appropriately to take the guesswork out of nutrient dense real food eating.

When you join this membership program, each month you'll get new exclusive content that will make life easier, less complicated and help you adopt essential habits that will last a lifetime. 

Here are all the details.

Once you sign up, all the guides (hundreds of pages of life changing advice & recipes) will be available to download immediately by logging into your profile. You'll get access to special video content before it is released elsewhere and live webinar check ins with me too!

For example, the first video reveals what I do first thing in the morning to jumpstart my health. A two-minute activity that has changed my body and my health.

If you sign up before Friday, September 18th, I am offering 3 special bonus guides too. One of them addresses a huge concern many of you have – eating out! We investigated dozens of restaurants to see what we can actually eat while avoiding the most additives. It's a must have survival guide.

Sign up for the membership + get 3 free bonuses here.

I want to teach you what I have learned along the way, and give you all of my tried-and-true tricks to eat healthy without even thinking about it! I want to show you, that you too, can look back and say: "That was easy!..Why didn't I make these changes sooner?"

When I took back control of what I was eating, I started living a life I never thought was possible. Remember what I said in the last email, it's time to stop being the victim, let go of the fear and take back control!

I can't wait to hear your stories, progress and more…We've worked so hard on this program and excited to finally bring it to you!

Check out all the new details here.



P.S. Just remember this membership is an investment in your health. Following the principles in this program has changed my life forever and I want you to experience the same. Remember to grab the bonuses soon, they are only available until Friday.








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