Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Subway responded!!! + new smoothie recipe

First of all, I want to thank you so much for lending your voice to ask Subway to stop the routine use of antibiotics.

Our collective activism has been so inspiring to watch and we got Subway to respond in less than week of launching our campaign!

It took several thousand petition signatures, facebook messages, tweets and calls to Subway to make it happen.

You are amazing! It takes courage to ask for these changes and this again shows how powerful we are when we act together to make our voices heard.

But Subway didn't quite respond to everything we need them to do to stop this health crisis we are facing....

Subway told reporters that they would like to source chicken produced without antibiotics by 2016. But chicken is only a small part of their menu!

What about all the turkey, beef and pork!?

Obviously, this fight isn't over, and I'm continuing to work with several groups to make this happen.

You might be thinking…. What can I do to help?

  1. Please sign and share this petition (we need as many signatures as we can get because Subway is listening)!
  1. Contact Subway here and ask them to implement an antibiotic-use policy, with a timeline, for ALL of their meat.

In the meantime, here's a brand spanking new AMAZING make-ahead breakfast smoothie recipe.

Thanks again for your incredible voice. I love changing the food system with you.

Go Food Babe Army Go!



P.S. Here's the official statement by me and other groups - US PIRG, NRDC, Friends of the Earth, Center for Food Safety, Keep Antibiotics Working, Food Animals Concern Trust, Consumers Union, and -- all public interest advocates who have been asking Subway to phase out meats produced with routine use of antibiotics:

"Subway is taking a positive step forward. We are pleased that Subway is starting to respond to consumer demand to reduce antibiotic use in its meat and poultry supply chain.

"However, neither their August 28th statement nor the company's website language provides sufficient details, concrete timelines, or third-party verification components to constitute a meaningful antibiotics use policy. The company's lack of transparency - including its refusal to meet with public interest organizations about this issue - leaves a great deal of uncertainty about Subway's commitment to change.

"Subway needs to set clear antibiotics commitments now, as specified in our June 23, 2015 letter, so that their suppliers can meet those goals in the future. These are:

  1. Defining a time-bound action plan to phase out any routine use of antibiotics across Subway meat supply chains.
  2. Acting immediately to end the routine use of antibiotics important for human medicine in the production of chicken sold in Subway restaurants; and
  3. Adopting third-party auditing of its antibiotics use policy implementation and benchmark results to show progress in meeting the goals described above.

"If Subway wants to live up to its image as a healthier fast food choice, the company should be a leader in reducing antibiotic use in a meaningful way that inspires consumer confidence."






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