Monday, February 16, 2015

These ads will shock you.

I'm on a plane heading out west today. I can't wait to see all my California peeps this week.

Before I go back to answering emails (400 unread! Ah!) I wanted to make sure you saw this brand new blog post.

There's a somewhat insidious form of marketing that you may not be aware of that's being used everyday in restaurants, hotels and retail stores.

It's not something obvious that you'll see on their signs or advertising. They are using a powerful technique to quietly lure you in without overtly selling you anything – and the food industry is taking full advantage of this tactic. 

And guess what? One of our favorite chemical companies is involved. Their ads will shock you.

Read & see all the juicy details here.



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***How did I get all this passion to change the food industry? Watch the video that explains it all here.***



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