Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ends at midnight 2/9 - one more day left.

It's been a very exciting week. I am still gathering facts about what's happening over at General Mills and Kellogg's and can't wait to share what I have found out!

Until then, I want to make sure you have an opportunity to receive a guide that took my team took several months to compile and develop called:

The Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide.

We traveled, called, emailed, met, visited a ton of grocery stores and poured some serious life-changing sweat into this guide.

It's over 40 pages and includes a list of weight loss shopping strategies & foods, shopping secrets, organic shopping lists for every major grocery store, and my ultimate pantry list.   

Not only will it help you avoid ingredients like BHT and other sickening additives, it will make your life less complicated and give you additional tools to help you succeed in this over-processed world we live in.

This guide is only available to those that pre-order my new book The Food Babe Way by tomorrow 2/9 at midnight. On Tuesday, The Food Babe Way will be available in almost every bookstore across the country – by pre-ordering this book, it sends an even bigger signal to the bookstores to carry this book and proudly display it where people can find it.

As a bonus, you'll also get a workout that changed my confidence, my abs and my booty! The Food Babe Way is all about food & eating habits, but I wanted you to have a complete wellness package – including this incredible exercise program I personally do.

All you need to do is pre-order your hardcover copy using one of the links below and send us your receipt to

If you want more details, please visit:



P.S. This week we got another multi-billion dollar company to change their ingredients for the better – imagine what will happen when everyone finally knows the truth about our food? That is my hope with this book. I can't thank you enough for supporting me and this mission.

"If everyone followed the 21‑Day Food Babe Way Eating Plan, the food system as we know it would crumble, and a new era of innovation and creativity would take root. Antiquated industries and food systems would fall apart and new, transformative food systems would arise. Not only would we all be healthier, but we would also reverse the epidemic of chronic disease and obesity globally crippling our citizens, economies, and environment." – Dr. Mark Hyman



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