Friday, February 13, 2015

If this happens, it will SHAKE the whole industry.

This week has been an absolute wild ride. Your support, reviews and encouragement have been incredible.

So incredible, that we are extending the offer for the Ultimate Grocery Guide. I really want to give you this free guide for supporting me, my new book The Food Babe Way and this movement. I want to make it even easier for you to live in this over-processed world. We dissect the top grocery stores, give you a shopping list for each store and tell you exactly what you need to know including the top weight loss foods to add to your cart and have in your house at all times!

All you need to do is get The Food Babe Way hardcover book from any retailer and then fill out this form.

That's it – and we'll send you this guide right away!

My goal with this book – is to not only improve your health, help you lose weight and look younger, but also to change the food industry. I know hitting the best sellers list will send a huge wake up call to the food companies that are polluting our bodies and our environment with so many toxic chemicals.

Tomorrow is the cut off for some of the biggest best seller lists – and the only way I can make it on there is with your help.

It would be such a huge honor for me personally of course, but also for the entire Food Babe Army.

Let's show the world how powerful our movement can be. Please get your copy as soon as possible.

The Food Babe Way is available at bookstores everywhere – even places like Target!

Thank you for all your amazing support. Please remember to get your Ultimate Grocery Guide while it is still available.

I can't wait to hear what you think.



P.S. I'll be signing copies at Park Road Books here in Charlotte 2/14 at 11am tomorrow. Please come by – I'd love to meet you and I'll have some free Food Babe Army t-shirts available too! (Please note: there's limited supply and sizes).

P.P.S. Keep those honest book reviews coming as you continue to receive and read your books this week. They are making a huge difference! 

***Watch the book trailer where I share what I used to look like before The Food Babe Way here. I can't even believe it sometimes! I am so happy to have my health now.***















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