Thursday, March 7, 2019

When things get crazy, eat this - not that

When is the hardest time to stick to your healthy habits?

For me, it's when I'm either pressed for time or away from home.

Like when I get called into an unexpected meeting, or get stuck at the airport during a delay.

No matter what circumstance - with a little planning, I've figured out how to avoid a healthy habit meltdown.

Here's a quick fast food swap guide you can use the next time you find yourself in a hot mess.

My favorite trick? I always keep a quick and easy snack in my purse, because I never know when I'll need it - whether it's organic dried fruit, nuts or Truvani's single-serve organic protein packs…

In each packet, you get 20 grams of real food protein that you can mix up with a spoon or shaker anywhere (in just water). You can choose between Chocolate or Vanilla flavor and we'll send you seven "on the go" packets in a convenient kit. They're available at ‪‬

Plus - this week I'll send you my new eBook "23 Positive Habits for an Amazing Life" with any Truvani Protein purchase! It's full of tips and recipes to help you keep healthy habits while you're on-the-go.

See what it's all about on this page

And don't wait. The ebook bonus goes away tomorrow!




P.S. The best part? You can try our protein powder risk-free for 30 days. We already have over a thousand FIVE STAR reviews, but I want you to decide for yourself. That's why we offer this 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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