Wednesday, March 6, 2019

52 failed attempts. And now THIS...

So, you know we have a special deal going on for our Plant-Based protein powder, but I wanted to share a little bit of the "behind the scenes."

I'll never forget it, too. When we first started testing ingredients for our Plant-Based protein powder, I was horrified...

We were trying to find a particular ingredient for our protein powder. It's pretty common, and many other brands use this same ingredient.

"This should be easy to source," I thought.


All in all, we had to evaluate 52 separate sources for our ingredients in our Plant-Based protein powder until we found one that we believed was good enough.

This got me thinking… I recently visited a popular supplement shop, and I looked at some of their available protein powder. I'd see a brand that looked interesting, and instantly flip it over to see the ingredient list. And it was always filled with useless additives.

It kind of went like this…

But THIS is what makes Truvani different.

Our chocolate plant-based protein only has 6 ingredients. Our vanilla has 5. And when you compare our label to their label, you immediately see the difference.

And there's one more surprising benefit of clean ingredients.

When most people drink plant-based protein powder, their first response is often, "it's chalky." But our plant-based protein powder is smooth. Our clean ingredients allowed us to get rid of the gritty texture you often get from other plant-based protein powders.

So, you get the convenience and nourishing benefits of Plant-Based Protein with clean ingredients... but without the chalky feel in your mouth. And we have over a thousand 5 STAR reviews to prove it!

Right now is the perfect time to try it for yourself...

We made an beautiful new ebook with protein-packed recipes and more – and right now you get it for FREE when you buy Truvani's Plant-Based Protein.

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P.S. The bonus guide is only available this week. If you're hungry for protein but starved for time, you'll love that we included tasty snacks & recipes you can eat with one hand. And so much more… click the link above.


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