Friday, June 2, 2017

Have you seen the new website? Thank you!

I'm blown away by all of the amazing support that all of you in the Food Babe Army have given to my team and I. We just wanted to take a step back and send you a giant Thank You - and let you know that we feel like you are part of our team too. We get so excited every time we see your comments on social media or in our inbox, sharing your personal stories with us, and even doing some "Food Babe" investigating of your own! We've got some boots on the ground out there - and it's incredible.

Thanks to your support, we just launched a brand new website design on that is so much easier to navigate! It should be a piece of cake for you to find our investigations, recipes, shop, and health tips - and to share them with your friends. Check out the new website here!

The most exciting thing about the new website is that we are now offering TWO FREE GUIDES that I know you are going to love! These are my gifts to all of you.

  1. Food Babe's Dining Out Guide: This 24-page guide will show you how to eat healthy, real food and avoid GMOs when dining out, navigating over 40 fast food and chain restaurants.

  2. Food Babe's Ultimate Healthy Grocery Guide: A comprehensive digital guide with over 40 pages including weight loss strategies & foods, shopping secrets, organic shopping lists for every major grocery store, my ultimate pantry list, and much more.

Here's how to get these guides…

  1. Visit the homepage of

  2. Scroll down and click the pink download button under the guide you want. (You can request both!)

  3. You will be instructed to enter your name and email address.

  4. We will instantly email the guide to you.

  5. Make sure to add to your email contact list so you don't miss our email. If you don't receive our email after an hour, let us know by responding to this email.

  6. You can save the guide to your computer or print it out. (We cannot mail hard copies of the guides at this time).

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends and family and let them know they can snag these guides too! Let's spread the word.

If you have any feedback for us about the new website design or find any errors (we are human after all!) - please send us a note by replying to this email. Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend!



P.S. Keep an eye on your emails from us, as we will soon be releasing the Food Babe Food Additive Glossary - which will be a free tool on our website that will allow you to look up all the major additives to see what they are, why to avoid them, and what types of food you'll often find them in. This is a resource that a lot of you have been asking for, and it's coming very soon!

P.P.S. I will also be releasing a very special mini-series to help get you feeling the best you can be! Stay tuned for this in June!



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