Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Truth About Sugar starts on Monday June 12

Hi! A few days ago, I told you about my new online mini-series, "The Truth About Sugar."

There's no cost when you register now. But…

Registration closes Sunday June 11.

In this 5-part online course, you'll discover...

  • Normal sugar cravings ... or crippling sugar addiction? Yale University study shows how to tell the difference.
  • 3 "healthy" foods that are loaded with hidden sugar. (Believe it or not, one of them is bottled water).
  • Study reveals over 63,000 foods contaminated with deadly toxin. What it is and how to avoid it.
  • The sugar shocker: Simple in-home test reveals how much sugar you're really eating. (I was amazed at my results!)
  • A slimmer, flatter tummy in just 7 days? Yes! Just do this one simple thing and watch "belly bloat" vanish almost overnight.
  • How to finally take control of your cravings,  so you can enjoy more energy… fewer mood swings… and support healthy weight loss.
  • And much more...

Remember, The Truth About Sugar is yours at no cost if you sign up now.

You'll find out how to spot hidden sugars in your diet...

Hear about the sneaky ways Big Food keeps you addicted to this sweet poison...

And you'll discover a proven way to beat your cravings, even if you've tried (and failed) to quit sugar in the past.

You get all of that—and more—when you sign up for this special mini-series today.


P.S. –This mini course is 100% complimentary.  But...

If you want access to these sugar-busting secrets, you need to sign up now.

You see, once we hit the deadline on Sunday June 11, it may be months—or longer—before I'm able to offer this mini-course again.

So if you want the real truth about sugar—and how to finally break free from your stubborn cravings—reserve your spot now.

P.O. Box 31521 Charlotte, NC 28231

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