Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Truth About Sugar [new online mini-series]

In 4 days... on Monday, June 12:

I'm launching a 5-part mini-series I call "The Truth About Sugar."

(You can register here at no cost)

In this free online mini-series, you'll discover …

  • Are you addicted to sugar? Simple test developed by Yale University scientists reveals the truth.
  • Secret sugar bombs that sabotage your diet. Surprise: some of the worst offenders are these "healthy" foods!
  • How the food industry keeps you addicted to sweets.  This biochemical "loophole" makes it almost impossible to quit sugar—unless you do this first.
  • 3 out 4 grocery store foods contaminated with this deadly toxin.  Are you at risk?  Shocking results of scientific study revealed.
  • How to get rid of belly bloat in just 7 days. Just do this one simple thing and people may ask you if you've lost weight—even if you haven't!
  • Finally beat your stubborn cravings—without giving up your favorite foods. Easy to do, once you know these secrets.
  • And much more...

Go here to reserve your spot in The Truth About Sugar (it's fast, easy and free).

I can't wait to have you on board and...

Share with you the information you need to finally take control of your sugar cravings—without the hassle.

Don't miss your chance to find out what Big Food doesn't want you to know:  

Sign up and discover The Truth About Sugar.

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P.S.—Remember, The Truth About Sugar kicks off on Monday June 12—just a few days from today.

And there's absolutely no cost when you sign up now.


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