Monday, April 8, 2019

Never did this before…

We've never done this before

...but now is the perfect time.

Here's the full story:

When I wrote my first book, I took no time to recover or recharge. I ran myself ragged - traveling to events, doing interviews, meeting new people. It was all "part of the job," and it was for a good cause, but the truth was, after a few months, I got burned out.

This time around, I knew better. When I released my second book, worked "recovery" time into my schedule. And let me tell you… I feel great. Our life is not a sprint. It's a marathon.

...but this whole idea of Recovery got me thinking:

How many people push themselves to the limit and burn themselves out?

I talked to a few friends and it felt like it was almost everyone.

We push ourselves to our max… and stay at the max… until we can no longer lift one more finger. It's unhealthy. It's unrewarding. And there has to be a better way.

So, at Truvani, we put together something called "The Truvani Recovery Bundle."

The best part?

It's your chance to try each of the most popular Truvani products…

...and save 35% off retail price.

See what's in the bundle right here.

At Truvani, we have never done something like this before, but it now seemed like the perfect time to offer it because it's spring. And spring is the perfect time for renewal and recovery.

So, check out this new bundle today. It's available today, but expires Friday night.



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