Monday, October 22, 2018

Last day: Order Turmeric and get this free gift for your home

This ends today: You can still get a FREE copy of our new "Taste of Truvani" recipe book. Here's how it works...

When you order a bottle of Turmeric today, we'll add our new recipe book to your shipment:

Use this link to order and get your free copy (while supplies last)

Here's what the book looks like…

...and this is what you'll find inside:

* 46 pages, filled with 17 easy, healthy, and delicious recipes

* Beautiful photography (because you eat with your eyes first!)

* Shipped to your doorstep... free with your Turmeric order

To be clear, this is NOT a digital ebook. This is a physical recipe book that you can use in your home kitchen.

You'll even find some recipes that you can use your Turmeric with. Like our Creamy Carrot Turmeric Soup (on Page 6 in the book) and more.

Now, if you're not familiar with our Organic Daily Turmeric supplement…

Here's why it's remarkable:

* Our Daily Turmeric is 100% organic

* Standardized for 95% curcuminoids

* Formulated with Organic Black Pepper (to help with absorption)

* Prop 65 compliant: We test for contaminants like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and glyphosate

* NO COATING (so it's multi-use: you can make Turmeric tea, soothing Golden Milk, or use it in recipes)

In short, we created a 100% organic, multi-use Turmeric supplement.

I never set out to create my own line of products. But it's happening now. We're finally creating the products I wish were available years ago.

But I want to do more…

I want to inspire you to make your health a priority. This is why we created this recipe book – and why we're giving it away for free:

Use this link to order and get your free copy

The link is good until the end of the day (or when we run out of books)



P.S. If you've never tried Turmeric… You can learn more about all the health benefits here

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