Monday, August 28, 2017

Do you have any obstacles I can help overcome?

In all of my researching about food and living a healthy lifestyle, there's one thing I know without a doubt - there are no quick fixes. There's no magic potion that can reverse the damaging effects of eating a diet full of unhealthy food. You can't simply put a patch on your arm, pop a pill, apply a special cream, or gulp down a shake. There really is more to it than that!

To achieve your best health, you've got to commit to making it a priority to choose whole, real food that fills your body with nutrition. When we're bombarded at every turn with processed garbage junk foods...I know it isn't easy... but it can be done!

This isn't something that comes easy to ANYONE, especially at first. I know it's tempting to eat whatever your friends are eating or throw all caution to the wind and pick up something fast (and unhealthy) when we're tired or busy. But when you fully realize your health is at stake, it's much easier to make the right choices.

All this got me thinking about what keeps people from sticking to a healthy diet. So I have a question for you…

Do you have obstacles that prevent you from eating healthy? What are they?

Reply to this email and let me know what they are or simply leave a comment here… I'd love to hear from you. I recently asked this question on my Facebook page and see some common themes! Can you relate?

I want to help you live your healthiest and most vibrant life, but can't do that until I know what's standing in your way. I'm using this info to create investigations and programs that knock these obstacles out of the park. Hope to hear from you soon!



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P.P.S. The feedback on my interview with Mark Schatzker of The Dorito Effect has been incredible. Did you watch it yet? You can catch it anytime right here and make sure to pick-up a copy of his book!

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