Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Are natural flavors and GMOs that bad?

One thing I love about having all of you in this Food Babe Army is the power we have when we work together and make a difference. Together, we are raising massive awareness about what's really in our food and how to live healthy, vibrant lives. Along with so many of you and fellow activists, we have spread the truth about GMOs and hazardous chemicals used in conjunction with them like Roundup - and I feel the tide turning. We really are changing the world and I don't want you to forget that!!!

I also want to make sure you have the facts you need to be an activist and fighter for the truth in this movement. Here are some things you need to know about:

On Wednesday (8/23/17) at 2:00pm EST, I'll be interviewing Mark Schatzker, author of The Dorito Effect, on Facebook Live. We'll discuss "natural flavors" in our food. As you know, I've written at length about natural flavors and why I try to avoid them in my food. If you have any questions about natural flavors, this is the time to tune in on The Food Babe Facebook page and ask away in the comments. If you miss the live broadcast, it will be available to watch on my Facebook page at any time after the event.

This Friday 8/25 is the deadline to let the USDA know how you want them to write our new GMO labeling laws. They have until 2018 to establish rules that food companies will be required to follow when labeling GMOs on food and are accepting comments. I am personally asking the USDA to require…

  1. Text labels stating which ingredients are genetically engineered on the package, and to prohibit the use of QR codes.
  2. Labels for highly refined ingredients that come from GMO crops (like corn syrup), even if no GMO material is detected.
  3. Labeling of products made with "gene-editing" and modern biotechnology in the law because the genetic sequences that create bioengineered foods are made in a lab and are unique.

If you live in the U.S., you can do the same and make your voice heard! They are accepting input by email at GMOlabeling@ams.usda.gov. I hope you add your voice!

Also - New evidence emerged last week showing how top officials at the EPA worked to protect one of Monsanto's greatest assets - the agricultural chemical glyphosate (Roundup). This chemical is a potential carcinogen and widely used on GMO food crops which is why we want labeling. Back and forth emails between the EPA and Monsanto show how they worked together to stall another government agency from reviewing the safety of glyphosate. Why is the EPA collaborating with Monsanto in the first place? We should be able to trust that the food we buy is safe, but unfortunately that isn't always the case. It seems like nearly every week new evidence is uncovered that proves just how far Monsanto and BIG FOOD will go mislead the public.

Please share this email with everyone you love and care about. The more people we get involved in this movement, the better our chances are of shifting our corrupt food system. We need all hands on deck!








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