Thursday, October 20, 2016

These chemicals touch your skin every single day.

I used to just love the smell of fresh laundry. Little did I know then that this "fresh scent" was really just a toxic mixture of chemicals contaminated with carcinogens, neurotoxins, and allergens. Kinda makes you want to plug your nose next time you're emptying out the dryer, huh?!?

If you thought the food industry was corrupt, let me tell you that it is downright shocking and disgusting what companies who make household products can get away with. The chemical industry designs laundry detergent with their bottom line in mind and is not looking out for you (or your health).

Although all those brightly colored bottles of laundry detergent have been sold for decades, these are some of the most harmful products that you can buy. The most popular brands are loaded with toxic petrochemicals, phosphates, formaldehyde, chlorine, synthetic dyes and fragrances that are linked to health issues. Clearly we need to spread the word because these products are still flying off the shelves!

Think about how often you are exposed to your laundry detergent… while loading the washing machine, folding your laundry, the clothes resting on your bare skin all day long, the sheets and pillow cases that you sleep on for roughly 8 hours every night… you are constantly exposed to the chemicals in your detergent, so it's best to know what's in it!

The problem is, most detergents don't come with a list of ingredients. So you have no idea what chemicals you are dumping on your clothes every day - and if you ask me that is just crazy. It really comes down to finding a brand that you can trust that has the integrity to produce products without all those harmful chemicals!

About 3 years ago, I found this amazing laundry detergent brand that I completely trust: Molly's Suds. Not only do they list all of the ingredients in their products, but they are free from harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), synthetic fragrances, dyes, optical brighteners, petrochemicals, phosphates, carcinogens, and GMOs.

They also have a great mission to make this world a safer place. Molly's Suds is dedicated to ingredient integrity and products that are safe for people and the planet (they got an "A" rating with the Environmental Working Group). Here at Food Babe, I will only partner up with companies who I can get behind and support, and Molly's Suds in no exception. I'm so thankful that I found Molly's Suds and want you to see how fantastic their products are too!

Because Molly's Suds is one of my favorite household brands and a Food Babe partner, they've worked out a special deal just for you. So now is time to stock up!

Get 15% off your Molly's Suds order through Monday, Oct. 24 with special discount code: foodbabe

I have been using Molly's Laundry Powder for years (it smells like peppermint!) - and I LOVE it - but they just came out with a liquid form of laundry detergent that I'm really excited about!

Their new liquid version comes in sleek packaging with a specially-designed spout that makes it easy to use every last drop and measure out portions accurately. The bag that it comes in is so much easier to pick up and handle than those giant, bulky, hard plastic containers. It's unscented, gentle on sensitive skin, and safe for babies!

I also use their Oxygen Whitener to keep my whites looking good, and their Wool Dryer Balls to make my clothes feel nice and soft without any chemical-laden dryer sheets!

Get your Molly's Suds Starter Pack (or stock up detergent refills) here.

I absolutely love partnering with brands that are changing our lives for the better. If you decide to try Molly's, thank you for supporting this incredible company and us here at Food Babe too.



P.S. Please don't forget to use the code "foodbabe" at checkout so you can save 15% off by Monday, October 24th.

P.P.S. These products also make great stocking stuffers for your Tide loving friends! :)





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