Friday, March 2, 2018

This made me really MAD.

I had the strangest conversation with a BIG supplement company this week and knew I needed to tell you about it immediately.

What they told me made me SO MAD. Here's what happened…

You see, I like to call up companies just like any customer would. This is how I get the real truth about their products and see how they treat people. This particular company was selling a very popular turmeric supplement, so I wanted to know if they test for heavy metals.

Once I got a product rep on the phone, I started asking him questions and suddenly, the conversation took a turn that I never expected…

He told me NOT to buy their turmeric supplement.

Completely aghast, I asked, "Why?!"

He said it is "poorly absorbed" by the body. He went on to tell me that I shouldn't even consider their turmeric supplement, and tried to direct me to some of their other formulations instead.

Knowing this is one of the best-selling turmeric supplements in stores, I asked, "Why do you continue to sell it, if you know it doesn't work?"

…and his response is what really made me angry.

He said, "Because people buy it".

This is exactly what is wrong with the Big Food companies. They really don't care about people, they just want to line their pockets.

Selling a product you know is worthless isn't the way anyone should do business. It's just flat out wrong. Companies should always put people over profits.

I know you agree. I've gotten tons of emails from people like Kara:

"I constantly feel taken advantage of by big food companies, and having followed Vani for a few years now, I put my trust in her to provide people like me with the truth about what exactly we are putting into our bodies".

That's why I'm proud to say I'm doing things RIGHT with my own brand Truvani. I believe in 3 simple principles…

Real food without added chemicals.

Products without toxins.

Labels without lies.

My first product is a Daily Turmeric Supplement (with black pepper to aid in absorption). It is available at a discount that ends at midnight tonight…

Experience it for yourself: See the Launch Special before it expires in a few hours.

After you order, you'll also get my new eBook "The Truvani Life" full of my top healthy-living tips. I answer some of your most-asked questions about what to eat (and what to avoid) to stay fit and healthy.

I keep hearing from customers how amazed they are when they open up their bottle of Truvani Turmeric and get a whiff of its delicious smell! It's true… Truvani Turmeric really does smell amazing. That's what you get when you create a high quality, REAL FOOD turmeric supplement that is truly the best on the market. It's nothing like the stale and worthless supplements that some brands feel comfortable selling!

After you get yours, post your #TruvaniLife photos on social media… it totally makes my day to see you using and loving this supplement as much as I do. I've been sharing some of these on my Instagram stories and it's been so fun!

Know anyone who likes turmeric? Please forward this email to them and share these Truvani Turmeric launch specials with them!




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