Thursday, December 21, 2017

Too busy to bake for the holidays? Try this recipe...

Every year for the holidays I love to send gift boxes to my friends filled with homemade cookies and candies, and this year is no different. But, I've got to say… juggling my time between being a new mom, writing a book, and launching my new product line Truvani... I've hardly had time to get to the grocery store… let alone spend hours in the kitchen baking!

That's why I'm keeping it super simple this year by making my absolute favorite holiday goodies that take hardly any of my time. Today on the blog I shared a holiday candy recipe that you can throw together in a matter of minutes without turning on an oven and you only need 4 ingredients!

It's a recipe that my best friend Nicole shared with me several years ago… and I've since made it every single year for the holidays. The combination of flavors are deadly! The smooth texture of the chocolate against the chewiness of the goji berries married with the crunch of the almonds and spike of sea salt is an EXPLOSION in your mouth. The best part? They are fast!

See how quick and easy these Chocolate Goji Sea Salt Drops are to make here.

Here are some more treats you can make lickety split (some only take a few minutes!)…

Raw Coconut Macaroons - a must try!

Candied Ginger - only 2 ingredients!

Creamy Chocolate Mousse - just 5 minutes of total time!

Raw Cacao Candy Crunch - deeeeelicious and nutritious!

Fudgy Cinnamon Chocolate Brownies in a Jar - layer in a jar and you're done!

Chocolate Goji Sea Salt Drops  - personal favorite!

And, don't forget - if you've got some family-favorite holiday recipes that you're dying to make, check out these 12 Healthy Holiday Baking Swaps to make sure you're choosing the best ingredients! It's so easy to take virtually any recipe and make it healthier by making these swaps.

I hope this helps you whip up some delicious goodies for your loved ones… and now I've gotta run… I've got some quick baking to do!



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