Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Healthy chocolates?… you asked for this!

What's your favorite holiday memory?

When I was little on Christmas morning, I always looked forward to opening my stocking. I'd find it filled with fun little toys and candies that I loved. Now that I'm all grown up and a parent of my own, I'm really getting that magical feeling again this holiday season. I cannot wait to watch Harley grow up over the years and see the excitement in her eyes on Christmas morning too.

Last week on Instagram I shared a pic of the ingredients in Ghirardelli Mini's Chocolates. These are a staple in many Christmas stockings but sadly are filled with TBHQ, corn syrup, natural flavors, artificial flavors, and many suspect ingredients. Many of you were as appalled as I am and asked for an alternative! Thankfully there are much better options available nowadays.

You've got to see this big list of my favorite stocking stuffers… everything from candy bars, to toys, to spa-day treats… and I even included a healthier alternative to Lindt Truffles, without those artificial flavors!

See the Food Babe Stocking Stuffers List here.

I hope this list helps you create Christmas memories with your loved ones! Did you see anything on this list that you'd love to find in your stocking? Forward this email to your friends and family... you just might get what you've been hoping for.


P.S. These gifts aren't just for stockings! Many of these would make great gifts for your neighbors, your mailman, and all the other people in your life that you want to show appreciation for.

P.P.S. If you need more holiday gift ideas - you can check out my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide too!

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