Monday, March 20, 2017

True or False: Is Organic Food A Scam?

I bet you've seen headlines like these before:

  • "Buying organic veggies at the supermarket is a waste of money" – Quartz

  • "The USDA 'Organic' Label Misleads And Rips Off Consumers" – Forbes

  • "Organic Foods Are Just A 'Marketing Label" – Business Insider

  • "Don't Believe the (Organic) Hype" – NPR

  • "Is organic food worth the higher price? Experts say no" – Portland Tribune

In this brand new post on the blog post I discuss what's really a scam and what's not. 

Read the new post: This Will Challenge Everything You've Been Told To Believe About Organic Food 

Even if you know what to eat… living a healthy lifestyle is definitely NOT easy. Life can get in the way and throw us totally off track. One of the biggest obstacles that people face is the time and energy it takes to find and make the right food decisions. Always thinking about what to eat next can be stressful and figuring out something healthy to cook at the last minute totally sucks! Having a meal plan has been absolutely crucial to my success and I'd never be able to do it otherwise. But, when you're doing it on your own it takes quite a bit of effort and time. You have to ask yourself questions…

  • What healthy recipes do we like?

  • Which meals will help me reach my goals?

  • Which brand of (xxxx) should I buy at the store?

  • What can we eat when we go to a restaurant?

And then you still have to write yourself out a shopping list so you don't forget anything. It can become a real job. After I spent years juggling meal planning, food shopping and cooking, I created the Eating Guide Program. This is more than a meal planning service, it will keep you on track, help you lose weight (if you need to) or maintain the healthy lifestyle you may have already built. This program makes eating a healthy organic diet practically mindless (and delicious)!

I invite you to sign up here and see all that it has to offer you!

See you there and I can't wait to meet you in the private forum!


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