Thursday, March 23, 2017

Is this bottle of toxic chemicals in your house?

The clothes on your back matter. Years ago when I was riddled with skin issues I had no idea that the items I wore on my body every single day would have an impact on my skin and health. I now know better!

That's why I take great care in making sure to clean my clothes with detergent that won't make me (or my family) sick, irritate my skin or impact the environment around me. Washing the things that we put closest to our skin with toxic chemicals full petroleum, phosphates, formaldehyde, chlorine, synthetic dyes and fragrances is crazy!

There is residue that remains and those chemicals can certainly cause skin issues (like they used to for me) – or even worse affect your metabolism by disrupting your hormones, destroying your immune system or upping your cancer risk.

It's time to dump the conventional laundry detergent like Tide and… All (which was originally developed by Monsanto!!!!)

Now that I'm a mom, I'm doing laundry almost every day and there's NO WAY I'd use toxic chemicals to clean the clothes, blankets, and sheets that my newborn daughter is touching all day long.

Years ago, I found the perfect solution: Molly's Suds Laundry Detergent

Because I'm such a huge fan of their products, you may have heard me mention this brand before. I had been using natural laundry detergent for many years, but it wasn't until I found Molly's Suds that I became so passionate about how I clean my clothes. Not only is their detergent safe and free of all of those chemicals I mentioned, it smells like fresh peppermint - not some overly smelly synthetic fragrance! It's great for my sensitive skin and one bag lasts for 120 loads.

I especially love the non-chlorine bleach whitener and dryer balls that cut down on static cling and drying time. (Those traditional dryer sheets are full of petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances – so please stop buying them too!)

Because Molly's Suds is one of my favorite household items and a partner, they've worked out a special deal just for you!

Get 15% off Molly's Suds when you enter the code FOODBABE at checkout through Friday, March 24, 2017! (Clothespins are not included, but all other products are!)

I love to partner with brands that are changing our lives for the better. After the CEO Monica lost her child "Molly" at birth, she began to ask questions and this is the company she created to make this world a safer place. If you decide to try Molly's (or stock up because you are already a fan). Thank you for supporting this incredible company! I am so happy they exist.

Get your Molly's Suds starter pack here (or stock up on your favorite products!) before the 15% off code expires in 48 hours! When you support Molly's, you support us here at Food Babe - so thank you!



P.S. Please feel free to forward this email to all of your friends who still use Tide and All detergents - GROSS!


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