Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What I am doing about vaccines and more...

Apologies for this taking so long...I had to type with one hand to get it done, but it's finally up! I have been slowly cataloging all the questions I received while pregnant…what prenatal vitamins I took... whether I'm vaccinating my baby… what foods I avoided… how did I prevent stretch marks… I answer all these questions (and more!) in this new Q&A on the blog. If you have more questions, please ask in the comments and I'll update the list!

Read it nowYour top pregnancy questions answered and more... 

One of the things that I absolutely could not live without during pregnancy was my Belly Armor Belly Blanket. I worked from my laptop almost every day, but knew that it wasn't safe to expose my baby to all of the radiation that emits from laptops and wifi. Radiation exposures during pregnancy can increase risk of miscarriage and are also linked to developmental issues - and there was no way I was willing to take that risk. So I found an amazing solution! I just placed this Belly Blanket over my pregnant belly whenever I was working at my computer, which is made with special fabric that neutralizes electromagnetic waves and blocks the radiation from reaching my belly, keeping my baby safe. This really gave me peace of mind! Now that she is born, I continue to use my Belly Blanket to protect her while I'm on my computer (like right now as I am typing this email!). This blanket works great for men who use a laptop a lot too! As a new partner of Food Babe, Belly Armor is offering a special:

Get a free baby hat ($19 value) if you spend $50 or more in their online store with the code "foodbabe" at checkout. (Note: the code will only work once you have the baby hat in your cart! These are found in their "Nursery" section.)

This has been the most amazing time of my life. Remember to follow along on Instagram at thefoodbabe & foodbabemama to see all my fun antics and pics!




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