Saturday, April 23, 2016

The healthiest thing you can do this weekend! (An urgent call to action)

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Asheville, NC - so grateful to spend time with my in-laws. (Yes - I actually love my in-laws - haha).

We decided instead of Christmas presents last year, we would book a little weekend getaway to spend time together – and so far it's been so much fun. We even did a little non-GMO doughnut taste test yesterday (you can see the picture on Instagram).

I know it's weird, writing you on a Saturday – but this email is urgent, because I have a fun impromptu challenge for you that will make your life better, but first, let's talk about some breaking research that I learned about recently.

A study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that loneliness is a bigger predictor of death than obesity. Yes. Loneliness actually increases the risk of heart disease by 32% and stroke by 29%!

We have a serious problem happening right now, we spend more time on social media, watching TV, doing busy mundane tasks and on the computer than we do with friends and family. We put priority to so many other things over our relationships. It's time for that change. So I have a challenge for you.

Invite some friends over for a real food brunch tomorrow. I know it's short notice. I know your house might be a mess. I know that you might need to go grocery shopping. But just do it. Real friends will never care about the mess in your house or lack of planning – just spend time together – shoot you could make brunch together and probably have a ton of fun doing it too.

And to help you with that I've got a round up of my favorite brunch recipes including a brand new one for you on the blog.

Take some inspiration from these recipes below, serve some great organic coffee, or tea, maybe some fresh juice, and make a huge bowl of fruit salad (choose 3 or 4 different fruits of the freshest stuff you've got at home or at the market) – maybe even stop by your favorite local bakery and pick up some goodies to make things easier on you…

To quote my friend Dallas Hartwig – "We need to reprioritize social connections and to address that distracted, isolated feeling that a lot of us have."

Let's stop loneliness together! Reprioritize your friends and family.

If for some reason you absolutely can't make this brunch happen tomorrow, try a lunch or dinner party later this week (here's my recipe link to help with that) – or schedule something for next week. Just do it and do it now - it might just be the healthiest thing you do all weekend. 



P.S. I can't wait to hear about your get-togethers, make sure to reply to this email and let me know how it goes and how you feel after spending time with your friends! Would love to capture your feedback for an upcoming post to share and inspire others.

















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