Friday, March 4, 2016

Final Reminder + Breaking reactions!

I know it's Friday night, but I just had to share this feedback with you!

We are already getting reactions from new members of the 7-Day Sugar Detox Program - Just to give you a glimpse of what's inside, here's what some members are saying in the Sugar Detox Forum:

"I am very excited to be joining the Food Babe Army in a different fashion now via this sugar detox program. I have always struggled with sugar cravings to the point I feel like I am going to DIE if I cannot get enough sugar in quick enough!! I have downloaded all of the guides and recipes. I am very impressed with what the 40 bucks got us!... I believe that this program is well thought out, put together and doable already!"

"I just signed up for the 7 Day Sugar Detox Program. I've been a sugar addict my whole life! I know this will be hard for me, but I'm hopeful this program will help me get a handle on my sugar addiction!"

"I want to give my kids a love of exercise and true knowledge about food."

"My husband and I are starting this program together tomorrow. It is amazing to see how much sugar sneaks in our diets in unexpected places."

"I'm nervous and excited to do this detox. I've never watched what I ate nor cared what was in it until I noticed how unhealthy I was becoming. I won't lie I am a huge sugar fan. I love all things sweet, which isn't good because I can tell it's taking a toll on my body. I'm only 29 and I feel older. My skin looks dull and tired, I have hormonal acne because my hormones are all over the place. I never have much energy. My mind is always in a fog and I have about 10 lbs I want to lose but can't. I'm not sure if this is all due to my sugar intake but I think it's a perfect place to start. I want to get back to a healthier me and a happier me."

"My lifestyle is fairly healthy but lately I have been noticing a lot of environmental allergy flare-ups along with crazy food cravings for salty and crunchy things. I have hypothyroid, and WANT to fix my condition with food. Because I know I won't be happy popping the pills for rest of my life. This detox might be my first step in right direction. I am soooo looking forward to this. My husband is also going to be my buddy in this program. I just downloaded all the guides and I am so ready to get started on this journey with you all."

A one-time cost of $39.99 (ending tonight at midnight) gets you all of this:

  • Access for life. You can start anytime you like - next week, next month, this summer - the choice is yours.
  • 7-Day Sugar Detox Intro Guide with all the facts you need to know about what sugar does to the body and why this detox is so life-changing.
  • 7-Day Sugar Detox Plan that will explain exactly what you will be eating during the detox, where to find strategies to reduce your sugar cravings, and how to spot all the hidden sugars that might be lurking in your pantry and life!
  • Two sets of Sugar Detox recipes for 7 days. Whether you are a vegan, gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian or a meat eater, I've got you covered. Easy to prepare, delicious real-food breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that are free of grains and refined sugar, along with a schedule and shopping lists.
  • If you don't like to cook or can't prepare all of the recipes, we give you suggested dining out options at popular chain restaurants that you can incorporate into your detox.
  • An "After The Detox" guide that will help you to carefully adjust your body back to a regular diet and will show you the best way to still enjoy sweets without sabotaging your health.
  • A detailed Food Journal to help hold yourself accountable and keep yourself on track.
  • Exclusive Instructional Videos where I personally walk you through the program, give you advice for when nighttime sugar cravings hit, and provide info on healthier sugar swaps to make your detox a piece of cake!
  • Private Member-only Forum where you will find support from the Food Babe team and other members that are also in the 7-Day Sugar Detox.
  • All the guides are downloadable and ready to view on your smartphone, computer or ipad instantly.

Sign up tonight and take this weekend to familiarize yourself with the materials, watch the videos and then plan a time to get started - maybe you ask a friend or get your whole family on board too.

We'll be waiting for you in the forum to cheer you on!



P.S. Remember, the $39.99 one-time enrollment fee goes up to $125 dollars after midnight tonight (Friday, March 4, 2016) - so get over there fast! You can start the detox anytime you like but you need to sign up tonight to get this special deal.














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