Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Did you eat this today?

Last week, I challenged you to start keeping track of all of the sugar in your diet and to send me the results - here are some of the responses I received:


Coffee w. creamer - 10g sugar

part of a bagel - 6g


Valentine's candy - 28g


Tortellini with marinara sauce - 8g

orange - 9g

tea w/ honey - 34


Hamburger on bun with ketchup - 6g

sweet tea - 6 g

green beans - 2g

TOTAL - 109g

WOW!  I'm shocked." - Leslie

"Out of curiosity I counted my simple, what I thought was healthy, Organic Vanilla yogurt, Organic honey, & GF Chex granola breakfast.... wait for it.... 66 grams of sugar!!!!!!!!!  What the???? Had NO idea! Never gave it a thought. Thank you! I think." - Brooke

"I was averaging about 45 grams of sugar a day, then today at work someone brought a ginormous gift basket of a variety of cookies (chocolate chip walnut, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.). While I was still full from breakfast I was fine at turning it down. Then when lunch time hit and we were all on break I fought in my head back and forth and decided to let myself have one. Cuz I was hungry. And didn't have any food with me. They were convenient, free, everyone was eating them, they looked, smelled, and tasted delicious, "I've been so good for so long," etc. etc. I was done for. I ended up having 3 more. And then felt sick afterwards. Today my sugar count is at 105 grams. It's crazy how addicting sugar and white flour is. And how slippery that slope is." - Tristan

Can you relate?

I've been tracking my own sugar intake over the past couple months, and it's been a real wake up call! I've learned that no matter how healthy your diet is, sugar always seems to find a way to creep in.

Here are 10 examples of "healthy" foods that are actually loaded with sugar, just to show you how easy it is for all of us to fall into these hidden sugar traps. You probably have some of these foods in your fridge or pantry right now!

Read the new post here.

The food industry knows what happens to your brain when you eat sugar and how addicting it is - and that is how they get us hooked!

You know the feeling when you eat something sweet and delicious and then what seems like a few minutes later you start craving another treat? Doesn't it feel like sometimes you aren't satisfied and no matter what you eat it's just not hitting the spot?

When you eat sugar, you light up the reward center in your brain that makes you feel euphoric - it's like being on a drug! But it quickly wears off and your brain wants more of that feeling and tells you to eat more sugar...

This is a cycle that's really hard to stop, but breaking free from sugar is soooo worth it because the effect it can have on your life is enormous! That is why I created a program to help us detox from all of this sugar and I've made it easy, fun, and foolproof!

Join the 7-Day Sugar Detox for a limited-time introductory price here (expires Friday, March 4th at Midnight PST).  

My team and I are also here to support you every step of the way. Let's do this!



P.S. If you've already joined, don't forget to come on over to the forum and introduce yourself, I'm excited to interact with you in this private setting so we can cheer each other on!





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