Friday, August 7, 2015

Are you ready for this?

It's about to get crazy over here. Over the last few months, I have been planning some intense investigations and I want to keep you super informed about everything that is going on…

And I am almost ready to reveal some very personal stories on what has happened to me as an activist over the last year. I am going to need your support more than ever.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned taking on the largest and most powerful corporations in the world, is that we need each other. They might have the money, but we have the people. You keep me going. You have given me strength where I otherwise would have just quit. You have shown me love in the worst periods of hate.

That's because you know the truth. You know we deserve a better food system, that certain chemicals have no business being in our food and that we need to fix broken food policies that threaten public health.

In an effort to have an even bigger impact than we've had in the past, I will be spending even more time on social media between blog posts to make sure you have the latest breaking news available and most importantly how all of this affects your life personally.

Join me on Facebook here – You'll find me posting the latest breaking news (like how Kellogg's recently has decided to remove artificial colors - a result of our work together!) 

Join me on Instagram here - My last pic was taken in Zanzibar, Tanzania where I curled up in a corner to recharge and plan our next big action. You'll get a glimpse into my life as a food activist, a person that loves to travel and what I'm eating. I hope my pictures inspire you to create the best life possible (see the picture with people in the forest I posted 2 days ago to see what I'm talking about…)

Join me on YouTube here - This is where I'll be posting new videos. I've got a lot in store - including conversations you won't want to miss (like the one I already posted on Taco Bell!) and tips to make your life easier.

Join me on Twitter here – You don't want to miss what I just retweeted. A University of Florida professor has been caught red handed taking money from Monsanto. He has terrorized my life and career for the past year, including giving statements to The Atlantic, The New York Times and NPR to destroy my character while saying he has no ties to the biotech industry. 

This is why I want you on my social media team. We can propel this movement even faster if we take the time to learn what's going on, share it with others and keep talking!

I know the truth will get out with you by my side. I need you with me. I can't say that enough.

Please never get discouraged. Stay loud. And remember, history will always absolve itself.



P.S. I love you!










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