Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Some people will never learn…

But some people will. Here's your chance...

Over the last four years, the coalition we have built, the Food Babe Army, has had an incredible amount of success and been featured in major media across the globe for getting companies to remove chemicals, go non-GMO and become more transparent.

Together, since we as customers control the income for corporate agribusinesses, they are starting to pay attention.

And while enticing big companies to change is important, I'm even more excited to learn that smart organic companies are now on the general public's radar in places like Walmart, Target and even in airports! The organic food movement is continuing to grow because of our work together.

But we still have work to do–and, as our consumer coalition gains power, fueled by the influence of social media, resistance is starting to dig in against change.

We are up against a behemoth of money that can peddle influence in the darkest of places. Despicable things are happening when it comes to finding out the truth about our food and it's all because of companies grasping to hold on to the profits they are losing.

The companies (and their PR agencies) are upset at this revolution and will do anything to regain back control including deploying shady tactics taken straight-out of the Big Tobacco playbook including targeting moms and women and spreading misinformation and confusion.

As you know, I'm not a scientist or doctor, but thankfully you don't need a degree to take back control of your health.

The power to truly change lies within ourselves.

If you have the passion to research, obtain knowledge (about any topic – not just health) and share it, you can change the world and inspire millions like we have done here.

I want to surround myself with leading experts who are at the forefront of cutting edge health information that aren't fueled by corporate interests or the outdated, small-minded thinking that you need to have a formal degree to change the food system.

This is why I have a trusted list of independent experts & organizations I turn to in my advisory council. They are impassioned to lessen disease, increase access to safe food, fix our broken health care system and empower individuals like you and me.

Unfortunately, there are many hired "experts" backed by corporate interests infiltrating the media that only want you to rely on their knowledge and confuse you about food and health.

They can't hide any longer and thanks to this new report their lingering dirty manipulations are finally being exposed.

Read it here.



P.S. Who are your advisors and who do you trust to help you in achieving great health? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Do you notice your friends or family being swayed by "hired" experts? Tell me your stories. The more we share, the closer we will get to the truth. Thank you for standing with me.














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