Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Parabens linked to cancer in holiday cookies?

Yes, it's true! I was shocked when I found out that parabens (that you don't even want in your cosmetics and hair products) were in these cookies! And that's why I am never spending another dime on this holiday gift (along with 2 others, I used to buy). 

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Also, in other news, tomorrow I am announcing the first bonus for everyone who has pre-ordered THE FOOD BABE WAY! I had to beg my publisher to do this, but I wanted you to have access to some critical information in this book before the holidays. This first bonus will only be available to those of you who have pre-ordered a hard copy. Stay tuned for details coming to your inbox tomorrow!  Here's how to pre-order and a printable gift card, in case you want to give this book as gifts this year! This gift card will make a great stocking stuffer - I can't wait to tell you about this bonus! 








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