Thursday, February 20, 2020

Keep calling me names, I don't care

I've been publicly attacked and shamed for telling the truth about the food industry. 

Some call me an alarmist and a fearmonger… but the truth IS scary. And I will not stop telling everyone the truth about our food and the very companies who are poisoning people for profit. 

Big Food has invested billions into persuading people that their toxic products won't make you sick. Front groups, paid scientists, and other "experts" are working to fool you, while raking in thousands of dollars from BIG FOOD and chemical companies. 

In my book, Feeding You Lies, I walk you through the lies we are being fed about our food, who is lying to us, and why. 

I pull zero punches.

And now you can listen to the audiobook (personally narrated by yours truly) while you're out running errands or pick up the paperback version.

This book almost didn't get published...

Calling out specific food brands, industry experts, and front groups is VERY RISKY to report on. 

Newspapers, TV networks, and publishers don't want to touch this information because it could hurt their ad accounts (yes, I've been told this point blank). 

And although I struggled to get a publisher who was courageous enough to move forward with this book, my persistence has been worth it. I'm really thankful that I didn't let the naysayers and critics scare me off from writing it. 

I'm incredibly excited to reach more people now that it is available in paperback and audiobook versions! Grab your copy today.



P.S. Here are some real reviews of the book:

"Just when I thought my family was eating good, BOOM……MIND BLOWN !! After reading this book, our family will never shop for our food the same way again! We are now in the process of slowly restocking our kitchen and refrigerator with nothing but "real" food with the knowledge and ideas from this book." – Terry

"This book is the real deal. Big bucks are paid by companies to NOT get the word out on how our food supply has poisoned us. If you feel GMO is fine, conventional foods are fine, etc, you've been duped. The propaganda of big bucks has influenced you. READ THIS BOOK. And don't stop there. Continue to educate yourself on good nutrition. You'll live a lot longer, feel better, look better, and be a lot happier. Most Americans are addicted to garbage foods. AS I SAID, read this book." – Emily

"I shudder to think how much trust I had previously put into "Big Food", most especially as it relates to my child and the foods I thought "must be safe or they wouldn't be selling it". This book is a MUST if you want to protect your loved ones. It's horrifying to discover how much damage can be caused by ingesting dishonest foods and this book arms you with the tools you need to make the best decisions." – Amazon customer

"We've been eating clean for years, but I still learned a LOT from reading this book. I can't believe that food companies have the power and ability to manipulate the press the way they do. Just goes to show you that there is not a single news outlet out there that you can trust anymore. There is no such thing as an unbiased view when it involves making or losing money. Big Food has been winning at this garbage for TOO LONG! It has to stop." – Happy Shopper

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