Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So scandalous!… (must read!)

 Yesterday was such a (scandalous!) good day, let me explain…

  • First of all, I am out of that first trimester of pregnancy, so my energy is back. That means more time for investigations and more time to make new recipes and write awesome blogs just for you!
  • I'd like to report, Azodicarbonamide "the yoga mat chemical" that we famously petitioned to get out of Subway's bread is practically history now as most major restaurants and brands have gotten rid of it since our enormously successful campaign in 2014. Bloomberg reported yesterday that everyone from Jack In The Box, McDonald's, White Castle, Chick-fil-A and Wendy's are removing the chemical – as well as pretty much all major bread manufacturers.
  • Last week, I published a blog post "3 Proven Strategies To Quit Soda For Good!" with my best tips for stopping this habit. Almost everyone can agree that soda isn't healthy, yet the American Beverage Association (AmeriBev), an industry group representing Coca-Cola and Pepsi, wants to persuade you to keep drinking soda and took the time to leave a comment on the blog. Read their comment on FoodBabe.com here. What do you think about their comment? Do you believe soda can be part of a "healthy balance" – and that calories and activity balance are key? Are all of the ingredients they use "safe"? Who funds the studies that say that diet drinks help people lose weight? Why do you think they made this comment? I thought I would respond, but then I decided that it was best left to you - the Food Babe Army... Can't wait to read what you have to say! Respond directly to the American Beverage Association by commenting here!
  • In related news… a member of the Food Babe Army sent me a whistle-blowing email alerting me that the Global Director of Policy Development at Coca-Cola is an active member of a Facebook group that trolls our work – people part of this group write defamatory remarks, plot how to "take me down" and throw insults at me daily! Personal attacks like these don't affect me in the least anymore and I have finally accepted that they come with the territory. However, it's important to bring attention to these tactics and derogatory statements planted by the industry in an attempt to discredit our work. The food and chemical industries are paying very close attention to us and monitor every move we make. I see this as further proof that the work we do is legitimate and we are winning!
  • That being said, it's unbelievable what ingredient suppliers will say to keep selling their controversial additives! If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the screenshot of an email that I sent to Ingredients Solutions, Inc. yesterday. I'm demanding that they remove a libelous statement from their website stating that I have a "vested financial interest" in keeping a growing campaign against the ingredient carrageenan. I've written several times on the blog about the risks of consuming carrageenan (notably here and here) and I have never received any sort of financial benefit in doing so. In fact, the first blog post I wrote about carrageenan was written while I still worked at my corporate job and hadn't made blogging my full time career. Ingredients Solutions is the "world's largest independent supplier of carrageenan"... who do you think holds the real financial interest here?!

I'm a consumer advocate. Supporting public health is my interest above all and it is my mission to give you trustworthy health and food information to make the best decisions for yourself and your families.

It feels really good to continue exposing the truth to all of you. I love you all so much, and without you this work would never be possible.

Godspeed Food Babe Army!














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