Thursday, August 18, 2016

Favorite Back to School (and Work!) Lunch Supplies

Although I don't have little ones in school (yet), I am appalled that many school districts feed children hot dogs, greasy pizza, and nachos for lunch. How this has even become acceptable is the subject of a future investigation… but in the meantime, take control of this situation by packing lunches!

One of the first commitments I made to my own health was taking homemade lunches to work. Not only was it less expensive to do this, but my health soared as a result. Statistics show that children who eat more food prepared from home are healthier, less obese, and make more nutritious food choices. The simple act of packing a homemade lunch is a big step you can take to protect your child's health!

Now is the time to set yourself up with the proper supplies so that when the first day of school hits, you will be prepared. If you haven't already, make it a resolution this school year to ditch plastic containers and plastic water bottles in favor of safer alternatives.

Not only do plastic baggies and bottles contribute to a huge mountain of trash, but they can have a negative impact on health. Plastics can harbor toxins and estrogen disruptors - and you don't want those chemicals leaching into your food and drinks. Recent data found that stainless steel and glass reusable bottles also harbor less germs than plastic ones (some of which had more germs than a dog bowl). Glass and stainless steel containers are much safer! I got rid of all of my old plastic containers years ago, and have never looked back.

One brand that I personally love and have turned to is U Konserve. Their non-toxic storage containers are sleek, stack easily, and are the perfect size for packing on-the-go foods.  

I love them for traveling and divided lunch kits would be PERFECT for packing kids lunches too! You can put sandwiches, sliced fruit and veggies in their own little leak-proof compartments, and then tuck it into one of their lunch totes made from recycled plastic bottles!

I partnered up with U Konserve and they've agreed to offer you 10% off when you use the code "foodbabe" at checkout.

These are some of my favorite products that you can pick up from U Konserve right now:

  • Divided Containers - Leak-proof stainless steel containers with removable dividers. I love these for packing lunches and portioning out appropriate serving sizes for snacks.

  • Food Kozy Wraps - Get rid of plastic baggies for good! These wraps are reusable and are perfect for packing sandwiches, nuts or crackers. They also work great for storing blocks of cheese and leftover cut vegetables in your fridge at home.

  • Glass & Silicone Water Bottles - These are great for packing your own filtered water to bring along anywhere. I personally fill them up before I leave the house. I don't want to depend on buying water in plastic bottles. If you have kids in sports - these are a must-have!

  • Ice-Packs - Instead of grabbing a baggie and filling it with ice, these non-toxic gel packs will keep your lunches cool.

  • Insulated Food Jars - Perfect for packing healthy soups and other hot foods. Also works great for cold items like yogurt and smoothies. Keeps items either cold or hot for hours!

Visit my partner U Konserve here to see all they have to offer - and don't forget to enter the code "foodbabe" at checkout to get your 10% off! There's free shipping for orders over $50 too.

I hope this helps you pack healthy and eco-friendly school lunches for your little ones (and for yourself too!)

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