Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3 proven strategies to quit soda for good.

We all know someone still drinking soda (that someone might even be you).

I have very close family members that still drink soda. I want them to be the healthiest they can be - but they still drink it. It drives me insane to see them drinking a slurry of controversial chemicals that are linked to uncontrollable cravings, diabetes, and cancer.  My friend Derek used to drink soda too…

"I was so addicted to soft drinks that I drank soda five times a day. I rarely drank anything else. My friends would say, "Just drink water." But replacing soda with water? Impossible! I LOVED soda. My weight climbed to 190 pounds – 40 pounds higher than I should be for my height and frame. I was so fat that my shirts stretched apart at the buttons so far that you could see my BFB (that's short for Big Fat Belly). My ballooning weight was a "smack in the face" that forced me to take action. I knew that the soft drinks were making me fatter. I had to do something…" ~ Derek

This is how Derek felt when he was addicted to soda, and he is not alone. This problem is soooo common.

Have you ever felt like this or know someone like Derek? Do you drink soda too and want help quitting?

See how Derek cured his soda addiction in my brand new post here!

I'll also give you 3 simple and effective steps for ditching the soda habit, plus several refreshing and healthy drink options that will make it easy for you! Read it all here.

This is a preview of the type of health tips & advice that you'll get from me when you join the Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox Program. This program takes quitting soda to the next level and trains your body to thrive without refined sugar. But remember - this program closes on Friday at midnight!

If you have any friends or family members that struggle with a soda addiction, please forward this email and post to them.

Let's help each other quit this nasty habit for good!


P.S. Here's what Lesli had to say after she completed the Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox: "My sugar intake was out of control! My worst time of day was from 8PM to 10PM, when I couldn't inhale enough cookies and/or dark chocolate truffles and/or ice cream. Every night I had to have something sweet. Then when I saw the Food Babe's message about the Sugar Detox, I knew that it was time to make another healthy change to my diet. I am extremely proud of myself, and I am beginning to add in some carb and healthy treats, like dates (which really do satisfy my needs for something sugary!)  However, the best part was getting on the scale and finding that I had lost 4 pounds!  I am extremely motivated now, and even started to exercise. All in all, I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have confidence that I'll be able to continue to eat good foods!" ~ Lesli







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