Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The #1 organic gift to give this year.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to change someone's life this year, I've found it!

The one tried and true worry I hear over and over again about living an organic lifestyle is the cost. But, there's a way to avoid having to pay so much and keep pesticides off your plate at the same time!

Remember, non-organic food often contains cancer-causing hormones, artificial ingredients made from petroleum and grown with immunity destroying antibiotics, and dangerous pesticides. Pesticides by nature are designed to kill, they are poison. So when given the choice, I don't know why anyone could logically buy food with poison sprayed on it?

We all have the power to reduce these chemicals we consume. All we have to do is grow some of our food – even if it's just a little bit, it can make a HUGE difference!

But, you are probably thinking: "I know nothing about gardening, I don't have the time, or the resources – I am just too busy," etc.

I hear ya! And that's why I partnered up with this amazing company, Back To The Roots and they have the coolest organic holiday gifts of the season!

I love how easy, inexpensive and FUN it is to grow your own food with these organic growing kits!

Back To The Roots has three super affordable gifts that make indoor organic gardening simple and get you hands-on with your food. Anyone can use them, even if you live in a dorm room or apartment. I wish I had these in college!

They are perfect for anyone – especially children and novices who have never grown any food - and they make an amazing thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. Just check them out for yourself – all the USDA certified organic seeds are included.

  1. Garden-in-a-Can Herb Set - Everything you need to harvest organic basil, cilantro, sage, and dill right from your windowsill - just water & grow.
  2. Mushroom Farm - Grow your own organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in just 10 days.
  3. Water Garden - A self-cleaning fish tank that grows food! You can use it to grow herbs, sprouts, and wheatgrass (my fav!).

Growing your own food is not only the most affordable way to have access to organic food, it can start a revolution! Imagine all of us taking back control and growing the food we eat – what will Monsanto do then?

For a limited time, Back To The Roots is giving us all 10% off all orders and free shipping over $25.00 with the code: FOODBABE10 get your gifts here.

Your purchase not only supports a company that is changing the world, but it also supports the work that we do here at Food Babe, so thank you!

Happy Holidays!



P.S. Heads up - If you want to get these incredible kits under the tree in time, please place your order soon!








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