Friday, March 6, 2015

When I got this news, I was speechless!

Over the past few weeks, news about the food industry changing for the better has been coming in fast and furious.

Nestle is finally dropping all artificial colors and flavors from their chocolate candy, and shortly after their announcement, Hershey's made the commitment too and is even looking into sourcing non-GMO sugar.

McDonalds has made a commitment to go antibiotic-free with their chicken menu items and Costco has also committed to sourcing antibiotic-free meat.

All of this news is incredible and the change we have been fighting for – So it shouldn't have surprised me when my friend texted me a link to this list. But it did. I was speechless.

Time Magazine just came out with their Top 30 Most Influential People On The Internet and look who's on the list! I couldn't even believe it.

What does this mean? 

Read my candid thoughts here.

Congratulations!!! You deserve this honor as much as me.




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