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The Food Trends to End Summer in Style

Posted: 19 Aug 2014 01:11 PM PDT

This past summer, we've been noshing at and enjoying wine, beer and food festivals in the area. Booze and food just about makes any summer event near perfect. After all, summer is all about great eats against the backdrop of the season's longer days and warmer weather.

With it all about to come to a close with August's end, here are the hot late summer food trends to wrap your summer up in style and kick off fall right when it comes to what you're eating:

1. Peppers -- The pepper has always held a place in the food world, whether it were hot and spicy or crisp and sweet. Cayenne pepper is turning up in everything at the moment from chocolate to beverages and drinks, and just about everything in between. Whole peppers stuffed with everything from cheese to meats are equally as trendy. The great part is this is an easy trend to play with at home -- just add a little cayenne to whatever it is you're eating.

2. Leaf Vegetables in Unexpected Pairings -- Leafy vegetables might seem to be standard and a little bland or plain, but the new way to eat this classic food item is in ways you wouldn't expect. It goes beyond the lettuce wrap to leafy greens paired with everything from pasta to couscous or quinoa. Mustard greens and beet greens are also on trend at the moment -- try them sautéed with a little olive oil as a side to any dish.

3. Root Vegetables at Breakfast
-- The explosion of low carb eating has brought a lot of unexpected vegetables to the breakfast table. Tomatoes on the side has always been a classic, but now roasted or even raw root vegetables are fast making a spectacular appearance.

4. Herbs -- Many herbs are in season during August through early fall, but the trend of using herbs of all kinds has been a big thing in the food and drink world this past year. Sprigs of rosemary, fresh sage, thyme, you name it -- especially in desserts and sweets. It's a savory twist to a lot of classics. Have fun and experiment!

5. Fruit at Dinner -- The appearance of fruits at the dinner table isn't new, but it's certainly making the rounds as a chic menu play. Grilled peaches with meat or fish, persimmon served in a savory sweet sauce over chicken and rice, apples raw or baked into everything from turkey dishes to sandwiches, have been popular.

6. Creative Vegetarian -- The vegan and vegetarian dishes at the moment are incredible -- and rarely signal to being completely free of meat. Long gone are the days of bland and strange tastes and textures! There are so many incredible pairings, creative ideas, and unexpected dishes everywhere. Even meat eaters will crave it! It's particularly popular in cheese alternatives -- cashew cheese is so good, you won't know you're eating something dairy free.

Need a Pizza Crust Recipe? Here are 10 that Don’t Use Flour

Posted: 19 Aug 2014 01:10 PM PDT

When it comes to finding a good pizza crust recipe, many are on a lifelong search. Because let's be honest- there's nothing better than pizza made at home. But what if you can't tolerate traditional flour? Or even any kind of flour at all? Is a good pizza crust recipe then simply an unattainable dream? No, my friend, it is not. There are plenty of ways to make creative pizza crusts without going anywhere near a bag of flour.

Here are 10 different pizza crust recipes that use everything from polenta to broccoli for the pizza base.

1. Polenta Pizza Crust
While you may think of polenta as a creamy side dish, it can also be used to make up a pizza. You can even make them in smaller rounds, since mini pizzas are perfect as a dinner party appetizer.

2. Almond Flour Pizza Crust
Using a bit of arrowroot flour to hold it all together, this almond flour pizza crust is the perfect base for a margherita pizza.

3. Cauliflower Pizza Crust
Cauliflower for a pizza crust? As long as you have a little cheese and egg, yes. The perfect way to make sure you're eating enough vegetables too. And not to worry, if you need a dairy-free version, there's that too.

4. Broccoli Pizza Crust
Don't let broccoli feel left out with all the cauliflower pizza crusts you'll be making. The concept for broccoli pizza crust is the same as with cauliflower, but you get a very green crust, which will brighten up the dinner table.

5. Carrot Pizza Crust
If you've got an overload of carrots, why not turn them into a pizza? This crust, which is made using grated carrots, can also work well for other crust-worthy recipes, like a quiche.

6. Zucchini Crust Pizza
Summer days are close, and when they get here, chances are you'll be wondering what to do with all of that zucchini. Your answer? Test out this creative pizza crust recipe.

7. Portobello Mushroom Pizza
If you really want to simplify the pizza making process, you can skip the crust entirely and opt for portobello mushrooms instead. They make perfect individual pizzas and you don't have to do any more work than layering on a few toppings.

8. Sweet Potato Pizza Crust
This pizza crust recipe involves mashing together cooked sweet potatoes with almond flour. The result is a crust with a crispy outside and soft center that's full of nutrients.

9. Plantain Pizza Crust
Plantains are common in Caribbean cooking, but often, those of us living further north don't always know what to do with them. Why not use them to make pizza? The plantains are mixed with a little tapioca starch and coconut flour to hold the crust together.

10. Butternut Squash Pizza Crust
This recipe takes on the same concept as the portobello mushroom pizzas, using the shape and consistency of butternut squash to simply serve as a crust replacement. All you have to do is slice the squash in the desired thickness and top away.
[via Organic Authority]

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